Twenty Seven Nigunim for the Rebbe



    Twenty Seven Nigunim for the Rebbe

    This week, the Vaad is going to choose the Nigun for the Rebbe’s new kapital. We are publicizing all 27 Nigunim that were sent in so far • Listen

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    1. An Anny Mouse

      I really think Mottel Stock’s Nigun is the only respectable out of all of them. There are only a couple that barely come close.

    2. Levi Moshe Borenstein

      Yeah Stock has the best one.

    3. Anonymous

      Stock and granovetter’s are a competition. But I would choose Stock.

    4. The Rebbe

      Go Mottel Stock!!

    5. Crown Heightser

      Mottel Stock’s niggun ROCKS! Mottel stock came up with the best niggun ever!
      it’s geshmak, it has taam and it flows best with the pesukim.
      GO MOTTEL!

    6. Mendel gorkov

      Mottel Stock definitely has this one in his hands!!!

    7. in my opinion

      I listened to most of the nigunim, and each one is very nice each one is unique. The one that really stands out is stock’s nigun.
      I really think that this nigun is by far the best one yet.
      Hatzlocha rabba!
      May the best nigun win

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    Twenty Seven Nigunim for the Rebbe