The Alter Rebbe Will Not Complain!


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    A Meritorious Day

    28 Sivan is the anniversary of the day the Rebbe and Rebbetzin came to the United States. from war-torn Europe. This collage presents the feelings of the Rebbe and chassidim on this auspicious day. • Watch

    Only A Moment Away

    The Rebbe proclaims that we have already passed the end of exile and are just a moment away from the final redemption • Watch

    Who Am I?

    When it comes to the directive to rebuke one’s fellow, a person must follow the example of our teacher Moshe, the most humble man on earth • Watch

    Watch: The Most Secure Bank

    Mr. Mordechai Dovid Segal, chairman of the Israel Bonds in America receives the Rebbe’s advice on how to convince Jews to invest their money in his cause • Watch

    Hashem Will Save You

    Adding the letter yud to Yehoshua’s name brought about salvation to the whole Jewish people, as he was the one who brought them all into the Land of Israel as a nation with the Torah. • Watch

    Follow In Their Footsteps

    The Rebbe encourages the children and descendants of various Rabbis and community leaders to follow in the path paved by their family • Watch

    Eliyahu Hanavi Can Come From Brooklyn!

    Israeli Chief Rabbis, Rabbi Avraham Shapira and Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu meet with the Rebbe and discuss the coming of Moshiach • Watch

    Watch: The Lag BaOmer Coin

    In honor of Lag BaOmer 5750 – 1990, a unique coin was minted and distributed at the parade. Rabbi JJ Hecht explains the symbols on the coin • Watch

    The First Time “Yechi” Was Sung By The Rebbe

    On the 15th of Iyar, 5751-1991, the Rebbe said a Sicha and distributed dollars and the “Dvar Malchus” kuntres with sichos about Geulah and Moshiach based on the Rambam’s teachings. In middle of the distribution, “Yechi” was sung for the first time • Watch

    The Alter Rebbe Will Not Complain!