Government Waging War On Shleimus Ho’om, Sheimus HaTorah & Shleimus Ho’oretz



    Government Waging War On Shleimus Ho’om, Sheimus HaTorah & Shleimus Ho’oretz

    The Israeli government has managed to wage war on Shleimus Ho’om (Mihu Yehudi – Dropping conversions standards drastically. Sheimus HaTorah (abandoned centralized Kashrus standards and authority) & Shleimus Ho’oretz – connecting arab illegal houses to the grid while voting to actively keep unofficial jewish settlements disconnected and off the grid Full Story, Video

    Thousands Singing “Ani Maamin” At Homesh Settlement

    Over 10,000 people came to fulfill the request of a widow whose husband Yehuda Dimentman HY”D was murdered in a horrific terrorist attack, to march to the top of the Chumash settlement while it was raining. The climbers began to sing the traditional song “Ani Maamin,” (I believe). Boaz Bendorf filmed the singing from above • Video

    Thousands Went Up To “Chumash” Demanding A Resettlement

    About fifteen thousand people arrived today (Thursday) at the Chumash settlement, demanding to re-establish the settlement that was expanded in the disengagement plan (Tochnit HaHitnatkut). The demand came after a Yeshiva Bochur was horrifically murdered at the entrance to the settlement. The march was led by prominent rabbis, members of the Knesset, and of course the family members of Yehuda DimentmanVideo

    Watch: Moishe Holtzberg Saying Kaddish on Parents Yartzeit

    Today marks the tragic murder of Rabbi Gabi and Rivky Holtzberg, HY”D, the Shluchim to Mumbai India who were tragically killed by terrorists in their Chabad House. Their surviving son Moishe, was seen saying Kaddish at their Kever in Eretz Yisroel earlier today • Watch 

    Jared Kushner Visits the Kosel

    Jared Kushner, Senior Advisor to President Donald Trump, ends off his long day in Eretz Yisroel with a visit to the Kosel, in the Old City of Yerushalayim • Watch

    IDF Destroys New Jewish Village

    After residents refused to voluntarily destroy their own residence and property, the Civil Administration, the part of the IDF tasked in administrating civil society in Judea and Samaria leveled the small house and forced the Jewish residents from the property – declaring it a closed military zone.

    There was just one problem. The land in question is not Arab and clearly rests within Area C, which is land designated for full Israeli control. Despite this, the army prevented the Jewish residents from remaining while at the same time turned a blind eye to local Arabs who came to the site.

    More egregious is the fact that the IDF’s Civil Administration used the tools recently given to them to remove illegal Arab building in Area C against Jewish residents, not the PA and EU funded Arabs that the law was meant for. The same Civil Administration drove past countless illegal Arab buildings on the way to destroying the Jewish house, but did nothing to the Arab buildings.

    Discrimination against Jews? In Gantz’s IDF, the days of destroying and snuffing out Jewish building has now returned.

    Heart Stopping Footage: Mass Tragedy Averted

    A Netiv Express bus filled with Frum girls and teachers in Tzfas that was parked on the side of the road began to move and almost plunged down a cliff. At the very last minute, the driver jumped back on the bus and applied the brakes, averting a mass tragedy • Watch

    Campaign Launched Against ‘Deal of the Century’

    The Organization for the Fight for Shleimus Ha’Aretz has embarked on a mass mobilization campaign to ensure the success of our struggle for the integrity of the Land of Israel • Donate

    Peace Plan, A Danger to Thousands

    A video has been produced that highlights different points of the “deal of the century” that are not consistent with the guidelines the Rebbe set forth and are a danger to the Jewish people • Watch

    Government Waging War On Shleimus Ho’om, Sheimus HaTorah & Shleimus Ho’oretz