Seminaries to Delay Acceptance Process



    Seminaries to Delay Acceptance Process

    Due to the current unfortunate situation, Chabad seminaries around the world have signed a joint letter, signed by ten principals, notifying of their plans to delay the acceptance process for their seminary programs • Full Letter

    Yom Habahir Bais Nissan 5780

    Dear 12th graders Shetichyu

    We hope you and your families are keeping safe and healthy in this difficult matzav.

    These are times of great uncertainty, times when we need to strengthen our Emunah and Bitachon and our understanding of what Hakadosh Boruch Hu expects of us.

    As many of you are going through difficult times at home and in your communities, the Chabad seminaries have determined that the responsible course of action is to delay the acceptance process for the 5781 academic year, until Rosh Chodesh Iyar IYH, in order to give students and their families time to make decisions in what we hope and pray will be a calmer and healthier environment.

    The above decision has been endorsed by the Chabad high schools around the world

    While we know that this prolongs the wait for anxious 12 Graders, we hope this will lead to better outcomes for everyone.

    Wishing you all much Hatzlacha and look forward to sharing Besuros Tovos.

    A Freilichen Chodesh and a healthy Kosher and Freilichen Pesach,

    Mrs. Goldshmid – Yerushalayim
    Rabbi Lebovics- Florida
    Mrs. Gorowitz – Bais Rivkah
    Mrs. Chitrik – Bais Chana
    Rabbi Tenenbaum – Ohel Chana
    Rabbi Hordiner- Tzohar
    Mrs. Rabinowitz- Bina
    Mrs. Wilschansky – Milan
    Mrs. Brand – Montreal
    Mrs. Kornhauser – Merkoz


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    Seminaries to Delay Acceptance Process