Kinus 82
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    1. They were given a microphone and a chance to publicize Kabolas HaMalchus of the Rebbe MHM, and all three blew it. Ironically, right there, inside 770, R’ Kaplan spoke about being proud and publicize the Rebbe’s message on Moshiach…

    2. Zev, I’d check with the shluchim themselves personally before condemning them. Reporters are notorious for saying whatever happens to fit their or their newspaper’s agendas. You can be sure the recordings were edited down and sanitized. However, that being said, I was pretty embarrassed at how poorly these fellows spoke English even though all three are native speakers.

      Mazel Tovnik
    3. Mazel,
      I disagree. The Rebbe MHM, when CNN came for an interview, said, “Moshiach is coming Now, we need to increase in the realm of Goodness and Kindness.”
      A message. That’s all.
      And all three blew it!

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