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    1. B”H
      Dear Rabbi Braun!
      Your explanation is interesting , but still why should we trust him with mikvas money when the mikva management in that particular mikva doesn’t ( which is why there is a turnstile in the 1st place, unless we know that they do trust people for example if we see the attendant when present allows people to come in if they say they left their card at home). Many out of town mikvas in smaller communities outside New York actually do trust people to pay on an honor system with no turnstile or cards just a pushka on the wall with the prices, but in places where there is a turnstile it is obvious that they don’t trust so how can we take responsibility on ourselves with the mikvas money unless perhaps we know for a fact that the man does have a valid monthly card? Wouldn’t a better more responsible solution be to just give/lend the man the money to pay to enter instead?

      Ariel Sokolovsky
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