• Chabad singer Simche Friedman paired a niggun composed the Tzemach Tzedek with words written by the Mitteler Rebbe in the name of his father, the Alter Rebbe in a new song titled ‘Daven Mit a Niggun’. Friedman wrote that the song was composed almost spontaneously.

    “One Shabbos,” writes the singer, “I happened upon a letter from the Mitteler Rebbe where he writes in the name of his father, the Alter Rebbe a “tested and proven” segula for children, health and livelihood.

    “What was the segula “To daven with song and joy.” Gevaldik!

    “I have always heard of different segulos: Adding in yiras shomaim, increasing your ahavas yisroel, giving tzedaka, and many more, but such a segula? Just to pray with a melody? – Amazing! I was so excited about the idea that the rhyme of daven mit a niggun – a fargenigen! immediately flashed in my mind.”

    The tune, attributed to the Tzemach Tzedek, was once recorded by R’ Dovid Horwitz.


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