• While Sydney, Australia is in the midst of a strict lockdown, Rabbi Motti Feldman and his son Rabbi Menachem Feldman, both Shluchim in the Dover Heights Shule, released a beautiful rendition of “Ochila Lakel” to inspire their community during the month of Elul. This week they have released a new song, “Haneshama Lach”.

    “This song represents how dependent man is in all aspects of life,” writes Rabbi Menachem, “G-d is the creator of our body and soul, and we turn to him in our time of need. The second song of the 4 part series, we have recorded it in a unique and troubling time for humanity.

    “In the midst of strict lockdown here in Sydney, with the numbers escalating, these words from the upcoming High Holiday services ring true for all of us. At a time when the Synagogues are empty, and our movements so restricted, we pray for Divine assistance for ourselves and our loved ones. We know that G-d has a plan for humanity and we are certain that he will indeed have mercy on all of his creations.  May we merit to see the revealed blessings of G-d, and a healed world very soon – Amen.”



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