• Pianist Debuts Piano Solo Album of Chabad Nigunim

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      Pianist Debuts Piano Solo Album of Chabad Nigunim


        Soul Whispers, is the newly released piano solo collection of Chabad nigunim performed by Lubavitch pianist/composer Shoshana Michel. The nigunim, which is purely piano solo, is played in a flowing New Age/Classical style. This long awaited album stirs the heart and touches the soul.

        Classically trained, Shoshana started taking music lessons at the age of seven and was playing the piano professionally by the age of 17. It was when she became a ba’al teshuvah as an adult, that she was exposed to the beautiful melodies of Chabad nigunim.

        But it wasn’t until Shoshana was invited to perform at a Rosh Chodesh Kislev women’s gathering that she sat down at the piano to put together and arrange nigunim to play for the event. “Playing nigunim felt natural and came easily to me. It was as if my soul was guiding my hands”, Shoshana recalls. Shoshana wasn’t prepared for the positive reaction that her playing aroused. “I don’t think that I really understood the power of nigunim until that time, nor did I realize the effect my playing could have on others.”

        The positive responses of listeners, moved by her soulful renditions of Chabad nigunim, encouraged her to produce her debut album of piano solos, Soul Whispers. The nigunim chosen for this album include Anim Z’miros, Ki Hinei Kachomer, Shamil, Rostover Nigun, Ya’ale Tachanuneinu, V’Nislach, several Nigunim L’Shabbos V’Yom Tov and Ani Ma’amin.

        Making the album was a labor of love. “When I play nigunim, my whole being goes into them. There is a connection between myself and the music. I tried to express what was in my heart and soul when I recorded the pieces” says Shoshana.

        Shoshana feels that there is an innate healing nature of nigunim. “I wanted the CD to be calming and soothing. People have told me that they feel happier, calmer and more relaxed after listening to the nigunim.”

        “Shoshana Michel has arranged and performed a beautiful collection of twelve soothing Jewish melodies for solo piano. Elegantly and soulfully performed, the music is relaxing and spiritually uplifting. Shoshana Michel’s arrangements are full and rich, but they are not overly embellished or flashy, allowing the haunting melodies to stand on their own and speak their messages without a lot of fanfare. Her arrangements have a contemporary sound while honoring the deep and ancient traditions of the music. If you enjoy lovely spiritual solo piano music, I’m quite sure you’ll thoroughly love Soul Whispers.” ~ Kathy Parsons, Mainly Piano

        Selections from Soul Whispers can be heard on online radio stations including Whisperings: Solo Piano RadioSoloPiano.com’s The StreamEnlightened Piano Radio and One World Music, as well as spotify, iHeartRadio, and Rhapsody. Jewish Educational Media has used selections from Soul Whispers as background for their documentaries.

        Shoshana has also made a selection of her beautiful piano solo arrangements available in sheet music. V’Nislach, Ki Hinei Kachomer and Nigun L’Shabbos V’Yom Tov II are now available at http://shoshanamusic.com/store.

        Soul Whispers is a beautiful collection of nigunim that will reach out to you and speak to your soul. It is now available in Judaica stores and online at http://mostlymusic.com/products/shoshana-michel-soul-whispers-solo-piano and www.ShoshanaMusic.comiTunes, Amazon and Google Play.

        To buy sheet music or for more information, please visit https://www.ShoshanaMusic.com.

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