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    • Kosher Setting for Chefs in Training

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      Kosher Setting for Chefs in Training


        The Yechiva Ohalei Yossef Yitshak – the Prozdor Institute is a CFA (Apprentice Training Center) of Pastry, with a fully equipped laboratory, an educational team of teachers and quality trainers having worked in the most prestigious schools.

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        Professional training for one or two years, which leads to a concrete job. A kosher program to train apprentices in the Chomer function. A structure suitable for all types of profiles, as well as young people in reintegration. Classes for boys as well as for girls.

        We need you NOW in order to keep this beautiful project in activity, which today welcomes around thirty young people.

        Our plans for the future:

        New, more spacious premises, able to accommodate more young people. New training programs. Projects aimed at helping young people in difficulty.

        NOW is the opportunity, thanks to YOUR SUPPORT, to help us develop the PROZDOR INSTITUTE.

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        For the elevation of the soul of Yitshak ben Sassia

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