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    1. BH this event caused more and more people to realize how low they really are, and how much the stray from the Derech Ha’Emes.

      Hoping everyone who identifies as a Lubavitcher, will stop visiting that website, and not Cha”v advertise on them, even if it’s for free. For that supports them and their ideas which are contrary to Hashem, his Torah and the Rebbeim.

      I would even suggest, that any Frum and/or Lubavitch organization which advertises an event or fundraiser on that website, should not be attended or donated to, until they cease to support that treifeh platform. And people should notify those organizations, the reason why the are not participating.

      Then finally the message will be clear, that that website has nothing to do with Lubavitch, and is an active thorn to the Frum and Chassidishe part of the community.

    2. Please explain how the website is against the torah the rebbe and lubavitch.

      To zal
    3. He mentioned a disaster that happened 10 years ago. What’s he referring to?

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