We present a video of the Gala Staff Event Oholei Torah held last week.

    Those who participated were simply enthralled by the event, and have been expressing their gratitude to the Board members who initiated this project.

    One Staff member wrote:

    “Such a beautiful Melava Malka last night and sensitive to everyone’s feelings.  I walked away with a feeling of hakaros hatov and pride that I am part of Oholei Torah.  And I am sure that everyone else who attended walked away feeling the same, too…

    The video of Rabbi Engel was so nice to see.  I remember clearly the first day of Yeshiva, when my son was in his class. he came home from Yeshiva, practically skipping up the steps at our Montgomery Street home, where we lived then, and blurted out either, “I love Yeshiva” or “I love my rebbe”.  I don’t remember which, but I remember clearly the word “love”. That is a mother’s dream.

    And every detail was so thought out.  Even the raffle tickets.  We didn’t have to bother with filling out the stubs.  Everything was there ready for us.  Thank you.

    And thank you for the beautiful picture of the Rebbe and the precious plaque….  The appreciation shines through.

    And as Rabbi Garlick so eloquently said in his key note address and bow we finally have a Dinner where all the melmadim are sitting at the Head Table!”



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