• New York Conquered with Tanks

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      New York Conquered with Tanks


        Dozens of Mitzva Tanks spearheaded a magnificent parade on Motzei Shabbos, followed by hundreds of ‘Menorah Cars’, as they whizzed over the Brooklyn Bridge, through Manhattan, and onto 5th Avenue to bring the light of Chanukah to that dark abyss.

        Children’s beaming faces and frantic hand waving were commonly observed through the Tank windows, as the parade roared up Kingston avenue with the distinctive sirens of Chanukah blaring from each soon mixing to produce a symphonic conundrum that was sweet to the ear only because, well, Chanukah.

        Police held up traffic, as they will on countless streets and intersections, for the Rebbe’s “Tanks against assimilation”.

        Hundreds assembled on Kingston Avenue to witness the parade, in a show of support and curiosity, to “see off” the army that will take Manhattan by storm, where they will distribute thousands of Menorah and Chanukah guides, and connect more Yidden to their roots, in what is to be another great victory for the Chashmonaim over the Greeks.

        Traffic on Eastern Parkway backed up for blocks, as the parade commenced its holy journey, and many an observer was inspired by the hordes of honking cars, ostensibly cheering on the huge parade and saluting the Rebbe, as if proclaiming in one united, chorus honk: Go get’em!

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