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    Leading Edge “Duch Writing App”

    MyDuch, The APP is built simple and clear with two main features:

    1. With the 11 default Mivtzoiem of the Rebbe you can now keep track and count every Mitzvah that you preform with another Jew. additionally  you may customise and add personalised Mivtza categories such as Matza, Shofar, Lulav and so on…

    2. With a click of a button you now will be able to send a complete detailed DUCH TO THE REBBE. The report feature will prompt your default email application generating and merging all your stats including your registered name and Mother’s name. Additionally there is an option to include the names of the Mivtzoeim participants.

    With the MyDuch App Submitting your Duch to the Rebbe has never been easier.

    May all our Duchos reports bring even more Nachas to the Rebbe, strengthening our Hiskashrus and D encourage all chassidim to have additional “Chayus” and “Koch” in the Rebbes inyonim and swiftly bring Moshiach Bimheirah Veyomeinu.


    Q: When and how did you come up with the idea of this app?

    Mivtza Tefillin has always been a Mivtza that excited me. I have always wanted to keep the Rebbe informed on my activities, but it was difficult to sit and write a detailed report (Duch). One day just over a year ago it occurred to me, how an app for this would be so practical and useful.

    Q: Who are you marketing to?

    A: Initially I built it to accommodate Chabad Chassidim who’re involved in encouraging Jews to do Mitzvos. However, I found that many Jews were interested in the concept and found the idea exciting; both religious and unaffiliated ones. One would be able to keep count of his Mivtzoim and Mitzvos.

    An example of this, is my friend Gabby, who said “Imagine coming (to shul) on Rosh Hashana with all my stats and Mitzvot counted. I’d be able to print it and put in my Siddur and show hashem real time stats, now that’s amazing.”

    Q: How many users do you expect?

    A: The question isn’t how many people download the app, but how many Mitzvos get done and entered via the app. Think of it this way, with one thousand users doing ten Tefillin per week, that’d be half a million Tefillin a year.

    Q: Why in the format of an app specifically?

    There are a few advantages. Apps are easy and available to just quickly tap in the info. There are apps for everything. How much more so, for a practical and positive usage. Just like apps that record fitness, this app will be able to track specific mivztoeim activities, even remind the user or set targets, and then produce and send a דו”ח. Similar to the wire hookups in the 70’s, this is a live way to constantly and instantly  be connected with the Rebbe. The Rebbe constantly encouraged  utilising technology for the Ruchnius advantages it can potentially offer. Daily tracking creates an awareness and consequently a drive for us to achieve more today, than we did yesterday. This connects all jews in a multidirectional way; doing the Rebbe’s Mivtzoeim connects us to him, connects us to our fellow jew/s and brings out the Neshama, which ultimately is part of Hashem who is one.

    Q: Do you have plans for the next update?

    Yes, ideas have been flocking in ever since the idea began to materialise. Stay tuned for details..

    Q: What is #MyDuch?

    A # used on social media sites such as Twitter Instagram and Facebook to identify messages on a specific topic. Using #MyDuch will give users across the globe live insight into Mivtzoeim that fellow users are doing.

    Q. What feedback would you like from the users?

    Anything and Everything. feedback is essential for the idea to develop and grow.

    Q. What has been the feedback so far?

    The APP has the endorsement many Shluchim and Lubavitcher CHASSIDIM who have been anxiously awaiting the release of the APP.





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