• After a number of special performances of different songs and well-known Chazzanus pieces, Chazzan and singer Tzvi Greenheim is releasing a new single and video clip called Tzoadim La’Chupah, which speaks about the special and holy moment of the Chosson and Kallah coming under the Chuppah together. The music video was filmed with pastoral scenery in the background, as well as in the Old City of Yerushalayim.

    Greenheim, whose grandfather was the “Baal Ha’Menagen” in Kotzk, began learning music and Chazanus at the age of 14 with some of the best teachers in Chazanus and Jewish music, and today performs on many stages in Israel and throughout the world. He is also highly requested and sought after for Chazanus Shabbasos, concerts, and performances.

    “After tens of Chazanus performances, I decided that the time has come to release my own original song, a special Chuppah song, which I produced specially for the Chassanim and Kallahs who are in these powerful moments together.”


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