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    1. Just bec 25 years ago Andrew didn’t hit Miami doesn’t mean that everything with Irma is gona be the same, there is a video I saw on another website that shows a video of testimony that ppl asked the Rebbe about Andrew & the Rebbe said stay, it was through RLG (Rabbi Leibel Groner) however he asked the Rebbe, in that article that was written about what the Rebbe said about Hurricane Andrew in the Miami Herald says that Lubavitchers look 2 the Rebbe as a deity, that is total false, the Rebbe is our leader & Moshe Rabbeinu of our Dor but that doesn’t mean it was the Rebbe’s Miracle that nothing happened in Andrew, it means that it was done through HKB”H, the Rebbe isn’t G-d Almighty everything that the Rebbe said is through G-d, which means that it all came through Ruach HaKodesh, that HKB”H gives the Nasi HaDor the knowledge to predict what’s gonna happen, this we have to get clear, the Rebbe isn’t G-d & that’s 1st, 2nd being that it’s 23 years after Gimmel Tamuz, we don’t physically have the Rebbe here to ask what we should do, so being that the Forcasters are saying to evacuate then so we should do, we can’t rely on what happened 25 years ago or Igros it’s not the same, we don’t physically have the Rebbe with us & therefore we have no choice but to listen to the local police & city officials what they tell us to do & so far they are saying to evacuate, so then we should do what they say, the same thing with St Marnteen, Santo Domingo & all those Islands in that area they should all get out & go somewhere else out of the vicinity. I know the Mishichistim wouldn’t be happy with this answer but what could we do, the Rebbe isn’t here physically & that is a fact that no 1 can dispute, it’s the reality of the situation & ppl have 2 accept that, that’s all.

      Different Situation Now
    2. To the person who wrote the comment (in response to this beautiful video of the Rebbe’s prophecy), comment dubiously titled “Different Situation Now” …of course the Rebbe isn’t G-d. And the commenter also wrote about the current situation “we don’t physically have the Rebbe here with us” …and this is not true. The Rebbe is here with us more than ever before, and we all know as it is brought down in the Zohar HaKadosh that a tzaddik is much more powerful when he is no longer constrained by the physical guf, etc.

      So if it brings this down in the Zohar about a tzaddik, how much more so about the Rebbe MH”M, the Navi and Nasi HaDor, Moshe HaDor.

      The comment above also falsely states that “we cannot rely on Igros” …Chas ve Shalom! We can ALWAYS rely on Igrot Kodesh of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach. And this video is further proof that we have a Prophet in Israel… along with the Gulf War miracle prophecies, fall of the Iron Curtain prophecy, etc. etc.

      The person writing that comment needs to get a healthy dose of Emuna & Bitachon. Their spreading of doubts to others is troubling, and hopefully it didn’t cause worry to people during Hurricane Irma. The word worry in Hebrew is “Dagah” spelled with an Aleph, Gimmel, Dalet, & Hay. The only letter missing is the Bet, which represents Bitachon – TRUST! When we don’t worry and have Bitchahon, everything will be ok. B”H.

      Regarding further proof how we can rely on Igros Kodesh (and we all know of the thousands of documented miracle stories that have happened with Igros since Gimmel Tammuz), regarding this last deadly hurricane, Irma, please see link below to the story published right on this very website about an amazing story regarding the answer a Chabad rabbi had with Igrot Kodesh just before Hurricane Irma was to strike Miami Beach a few days ago:

      NOT Different Situation Now
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