• Fun-packed week at Chayolei’s EGP

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      Fun-packed week at Chayolei’s EGP


        There’s never a regular day in EGP. There’s always something exciting happening.

        Starting from Sunday’s Night activity, on Monday morning campers were surprised to a canoeing trip down the Delaware. On Tuesday night campers enjoyed Bowling and then a midnight water park trip. Rabbi Gershon Avtzon led a Q&A session on Wednesday. The week finished off with an exclusive Mivtza event including Belgian waffles.

        But that’s not all, in EGP, the Bochurim take learning very seriously.

        When walking into the Zal during Chazara you can feel the vibe of Limud Hatorah, just as if you’re walking into a Yeshiva.

        A strong emphasis is placed on actualizing the Rebbe’s vision of utilizing the camp experience to strengthen all areas of Torah and Yiddishkeit.

        As the Rebbe concluded the Sicha to high school graduates (1 Tammuz, 5751):

        “Every moment of the summer should be utilized to further hasten the Geula Amitis v’Hasheleima, with Moshiach Tzidkeinu!”

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