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    • In Honor of 28 Sivan – Reb Michel Zlotchver Niggun

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      In Honor of 28 Sivan – Reb Michel Zlotchver Niggun


        This Shabbos, 79 years ago, the Rebbe together with the rebbetzin escaped worn-torn Europe arriving on American soil. days later on Shabbos Parshas Korach, the Frierdiker Rebbe farbrenged with the Rebbe in his presence.

        the Frierdiker Rebbe asked for a Niggun to be sung, the niggun of Reb Michel Zlotchver. however the crowd wasn’t familiar with this particular Niggun, the rebbe then taught the crow this niggun.

        50 years later to the day, 28 years ago, the Rebbe stood for hours distributing thousands of copies of Kuntres Chof Ches Sivan, a collection of ma’amorim, sichos, and a recount of the Rebbe’s first Farbrengen in America throughout the distribution, Chassidim broke out in song, intoning the exact song that was sung 50 years prior, the niggun of Reb Michel Zlotchver.

        The Niggun was performed by R’ Aryeh Leib Hurwitz, at on event marking 25 years to Gimmel Tamuz which took place on Chof Ches Sivan 5779.

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