• Excitement Grows for Tank Parade

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      Excitement Grows for Tank Parade


        From Russia to Germany. Six Shluchim speak of the upcoming Mitzvah Tank Parade, scheduled to take place this Rosh Chodesh Kislev, celebrating 40 years.

        The parade will include 40 Mitzvah Tanks, each representing another area which the Rebbe’s Shluchim have conquered.

        The parade is being organized by the 770 Bochrim, led by Rabbi Mordy Hirsch and Rabbi Moshe Schmukler of Mitzvah Tank Office.

        The Bochrim include: Mendy Barber, Yigal Bigun, Sruli Blotner, Zalman Braun, Shmuly Butler, Yair Cohen, Shammai Eidelman, Avraham Moshe Hanoka, Mendel Gansburg, Mendel Goldberg, Shmuly Shochat, Mendel Gurary, Mendy Hirsch, Sholom Lazar, Shmuli Luafer, Mendel Mintz, Levi Naparstek, Mendel Raskin, Yoel Serebryanski, and Avremel Yusewitz.

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