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    1. Beautiful video @Yusuf biggio!!!
      Keep up the great work!!!
      Chayolei Hamelech Rocks!!!!!!! N

      Camper B. T.
    2. Awesome video! Lots of work was put into it and can be seen right away…
      Kol Hakavod!

      Zali S.
    3. Looks like my child is having a lot of fun in camp!!! Lots of nice close-up shots but would be even better if you can get wide-angle shots where you can see more of the campers and less of like the zoom ups of shoes and like colorful lights and More of The smiling faces.

      Thank you for the beautiful video!

      Levi & Miriam
    4. thank you for giving the kids such an inspiring blast

      Thank you!
    5. Looks so much fun!!

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