Beis Moshiach
  • Topics Addressed:

    ● Rising anti-Semitism: Can there be another Holocaust (G-d forbid)?

    ● How do we explain the Mitteler Rebbe’s words that “there will be no more” genocides?

    ● Understanding what Tanya says about non-Jews

    ● What is the Rebbe’s response to the growing fanaticism of young Muslims? What can we do about it?

    ● Alternative medicine

    ● Making ends meet: High tuition costs – follow-up

    ● Rebbe’s directives for the month of Elul

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    “Our initiative is meant to demonstrate how the Rebbeim provide us with a comprehensive blueprint of the human psyche as a microcosm of the cosmos, and offer us all the guidance we need to live the healthiest life possible and build nurturing homes and families, bringing up the healthiest children, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.

    “After over two centuries of mesiras nefesh of the Rebbeim for Chassidus and Chassidim, the time has come to reclaim the most precious stone of the crown given to us to both prevent problems and to heal from any that come our way.” — Rabbi Simon Jacobson


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