Boruch Sholom Presents ‘Lo Yemalet’



    Boruch Sholom Presents ‘Lo Yemalet’

    Boruch Sholom – Lo Yemalet
    Album Produced by Yeedle
    Video Produced by Sruly Meyer
    Video Filmed by Yossi Itzinger
    Music by Eli Lishinsky

    Boruch Sholom is proud to present the Lo Yemalet Music video, the
    first off his debut album. The song, composed by Boruch Sholom, with
    music by the incredible Eli Lishinsky has been just one of the many
    hits from the new CD “Bishvili Nivra Haolam”.

    Within days of the albums release viral videos began popping up online
    with fans and friends posting videos singing in their cars along to
    this catchy song. This video is a thank you to the fans whose
    energetic and spontaneous response inspired us to go out and do an
    version of the Lo Yemalet challenge video. We welcome you to keep
    sending us those videos, posting them on the fanpage, and most of all,
    enjoy the album.

    If you have not yet purchased the album, it can be bought online
    through or iTunes.

    Thanks to:
    Menachem Benchemon, Chaim Sorkin, Gutman Skoblo, Shuki Greenberg,
    Mendel Turner, JJ Hecht, Yitzchok Shlomo Pevzner, Dovid Stein, Moshe
    Silver, Yossi Gurevich, Abe Gruenbaum, Levi T, Meir Pliskin, Eli
    Furst, Yoni Z and Yisroel Silman

    Boytique, Mehadrin, E and I Treasure Shoes and Plaza Auto Leasing.

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