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    1. Rabbi segel who rebuilt the צמח צדך shul used to give a shiur in Torah on har habayit.
      We absolutely do know where the bais hamikdush was, we know the measurements of the bais hamikdush and the measurements of har habayit and it is easy to figure out where one may go and may not go. If only Lubavitcher’s would start to follow what the rebbe said and learn about it we would know it very well.
      Lastly, all should go on har habayit because it is THE major issue of פיקוח נפש and over six million Jewish lives are at stake. The arabs say Jews have no connection to israel and they say there was no bais hamikdush. They use har habayit and Jerusalem to make this point not Tel Aviv. If Jews do not go up to har habayit and leave it to the arabs, it is their biggest prove and this will lead to ח״ו Jews being killed.
      It’s time to stop having the גלות thinking and start thinking in a גאולה way.
      The Kotel is nice but it’s גלות, at least go to the Kotel koton or to the gates to har habayit or to שער רחמים to daven.
      חסידים it depends on us to bring moshiach and it starts with more Jewish presence all over israel especially on הר הבית
      והמעשה הוא העיקר

      Go on har habayit
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