• New Song for Shnas Hakhel

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      New Song for Shnas Hakhel


      Chayolei Hakhel War Judges Song (T.T.T.O. Hinini Meivi Oisam)

      Once in seven years
      Everyone appears
      To the Mikdash of Hashem
      ‘Cause he commanded them

      Hakhel Es Ha’am
      Everyone must come
      Their children they must bring
      To listen to the king

      With Torah in hand,
      The king does stand
      Giving over Hashem’s command
      In his mind,
      There is one goal:
      Elevate all souls.

      “Kahal Gadol, Kahal Gadol, Kahal Gadol Yashuvu Heina” x2

      With hearts full of love
      Tishrei Ayin Vav
      To 770 we come
      Our Mikdash, our home

      We come by car or plane
      By taxi, bus, or train
      To be Hakhel with our king,
      We’ll give up everything

      The Rebbe stands
      And demands,
      To bring Geula is in our hands
      With Emuna
      In our king
      With chayus let us sing:

      “Yechi Adoneinu Moreinu Verabeinu Melech Hamoshiach Leolam Vaed!” x2

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