• What is Forgiven?!

    A recent news article declared that tension between Chabad and Belz is no more. “The ice has been broken”, it opined, and what happened in the past is to remain there. The questions begs: Who gave them permission to forgive, and more important, on what basis? Written by Yaakov Rose • Full Article

    Written by Yaakov Rose

    A recent news article declared that tension between Chabad and Belz is no more. “The ice has been broken”, it opined, and what happened in the past is to remain there. The questions begs: Who gave them permission to forgive, and more important, on what basis?

    Some historical background:

    In 1988, after years of incitement against Chabad and the Rebbe, a prominent Rosh Yeshiva in Israel established a separate political party to Agudas Yisroel, culminating in an infamous diatribe-filled speech accusing Chabad of Avoda Zarah, R”L!

    Particularly shocking was that one Chassidic Rebbe, in defiance of all of the Chassidic leaders in Israel, joined this Rosh Yeshiva in his war against the Chassidic movement, and didn’t utter a word in response to this hate filled speech.

    The Rebbe in a rare one off directive, ordered Chabad to get involved in the elections and encourage voters to vote for Agudas Yisroel. The Rebbe explained that this wasn’t a political issue, rather a war against Chassidus.

    However readers of the article heralding a new age of peace between Belz and Lubavitch could be erroneously led to believe that there were some small POLITICAL misunderstanding between Chabad and Belz that were rectified last week. In the words of the article:

    “There has been a disconnect between Chabad and Belz for 27 years, since 5748,” said Binyomin Lipkin.

    He is referring to the national elections in Israel when incitement against Chabad and the Rebbe led the Litvish community to establish a rival party to the chassidic Agudas Yisroel. Belz sided with the Litvish party Degel Hatorah.

    There you have it, some incitement led the Litvish community to establish a separate political party, a minor political accident and nothing more.

    However, let us be “men of peace”, we are after all in the age where everything is forgiven, so perhaps it’s time to make amends and put the past behind us.

    Perhaps that is true, but then who gave THEM permission to forgive? Who are they?

    And more importantly on what basis is the forgiveness?

    As a recent example, a feud between another Chassidic movement and Belz was finally put to rest after many years, but only after Belz and the side made advances and asked forgiveness from each other.

    Nothing of that sort was done over here. Where is the basic respect for the Rebbe? Would they be so quick to forgive if this was their own father?

    The mind (of a Chossid) refuses to comprehend, and the heart cannot fathom, such a shallow outlook at what the Lubavitcher Rebbe himself termed a war on Chassidus, during which this Chassidic sect actively campaigned against Chassidus!

    But what can one expect from people who are willing to stamp out all talk of Moshiach because it will “disrespect the Rebbe’s name”, and then, in the same breath, declare that this was a mere political schism that was rectified?



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    1. Was this story with this Belz Rebbe or his father?

    2. I would like to thank ChabadInfo.com for standing up for the truth time and again. It is not simple but we simple folks need you so much, the clarity you provide on so many issues is great

    3. You are RIGHT! We always have to keep grudges! We always have to make sure that the OTHER side bends down on their knees begging pardon!
      The great connection between the Rebbe Rashab and Reb Chaim Brisker was ONLY after they forgiveness, right?
      I think the writer is being a bit influenced by the teachings of Putin and not necessarily by the Rebbe’s.

    4. Moshe, your statement proves your misunderstanding of the situation. Nobody has a “grudge”, this isn’t some playground fight between two kids.

      What are you talking about Reb Chaim Brisker? Did he call Chabad and the Rebbe Avoda Zara in public in front of thousands??

      A bit of self respect to your Rebbe would go a long way!

      Self Respect
    5. I do not understand why Chabad had to ask for forgiveness, after all, what is there to ask for, did we do anything wrong? If anything, it is Belz and their cohorts that should ask for forgiveness for coming out against the Rebbe.

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