• Thoughts Shared about Reb Meir

    Rabbi Gershon Avtzon, Rosh Yeshiva of Cincinnati, shares his thoughts and a story about Reb Meir Roness Full Story

    Dear Fellow Chassidim

    I, like all of you, were shocked to learn yesterday of the Petirah of Reb Meir Roness. To many of us, growing up in crown heights, he was “part of the furniture” of 770, the dollar line, and every simcha. He was always reminding us with a smile – about Eliyahu Hanavi, a Yarzteit etc – that it was the best time to give Tzedaka.

    Regarding the Tanna Rav Meir, the Gemara says “Rav Meir was the smartest from all his friends. If so, how come the Halacha in many places is not like him? Because he was so smart, that his friends do not “get to the bottom” of his wisdom.”

    I think of this Gemara, when I think of Reb Meir (a”h – so hard to write those words!). I will say that most “his friends- fellow chassidim” did not “get to the bottom” of his many actions to spread chassidus and Moshiach.

    I would like to share a personal story – that should be le’ilui nishmaso:

    When I moved to Cincinnati to open the – now internationally renowned – Yeshiva, there were many things that I had obviously not thought of, including what material to be given out on the local Mivtzoim routes. (This is a time to thank the ever-energetic shliach Rabbi Shalom B. Kalmanson for “opening his city” for the Bochurim etc). It was then that I received a phone call from Rabbi Meir Roness.

    When I heard his voice, I wondered, what he could want from me. His voice was – as always friendly and warm – and he asked me if the bochurim have what to give out on Mivtzoim? I was shocked and I said not really. He asked if I would like to receive the weekly GEULA publication. I said “of course! But how would it get to Cincinnati? He said do not worry!

    From then on, every 2 weeks, a box (he paid postage – and many times overnight! And for brochures!!) would arrive at the Yeshiva from his humble address with hundreds of brochures in multiple languages so that “the world should know” that the Geula is coming! What a Zechus, what a Tzaddik!

    Yesterday, one of the Talmidei Hashluchim came to me and said “with Reb Meir gone, how will we get the “Geula”? I said, it is time for us to bring the Geula and get Reb Meir back with his best friend – Eliyahu Hanavi!!

    Yehei Zicho baruch!


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    1. The Rebbe MH”M was informed of his work in setting up chassidus classes in the NY universities and commented “yi chelki imo” …

      a friend
    2. Rabbi Avtozn,
      Thank you for sharing, very inspiring. I wonder how many more place have these kind of stories.

    3. I am amazed that he took upon himself the job of distributing the Geulah’s to Chabad houses across the USA without any personal benefit or motivation other than to (literally) bring the geulah.

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