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    Open Letter to the Prime Minister

    Amona, Mateh Binyamin is an Israeli outpost in the central West Bank which the High Court has ordered be demolished by the end of December. As the deadline for the Amona planned evacuation draws near,  Professor Shimon Silman writes an open letter to Prime Minister Benjamin NetanyahuFull Letter

    The Honorable Mr. Binyamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister

    Dear Mr. Netanyahu,

    Exile. You know what that means. We’ve gone through it for nearly 2,000 years. It all starts with Jews being driven from their homes and their land. The Romans exiled us from our land. Then nation after nation for century after century drove us from our homes. That is the fundamental element of anti-Semitism—throwing Jews out of their homes.

    But that’s all over now. Or is it? After the fall of Communism, no government has driven Jews from their homes; there are no anti-Semitic governments (though there are still anti-Semites in governments).

    No government has driven Jews from their homes—except for one: the government of Israel. Could it be, paradoxically, that Israel has the only anti-Semitic government left in the world?!

    Every time you move Jews off their land you look stupid in the eyes of the world. You are trying to say to the world, “Look how fair we are to the Arabs.” But that’s not what they hear. They hear you saying, “This is not really our land. We don’t really belong here.” Where is your Jewish head? (Do you put on תפילין every day? Have they been checked to make sure they are still good?)

    You now have a window of opportunity with a new pro-Israel U.S. president. But don’t expect him to be more pro-Israel than you are. He will back you up to hold onto our land. But don’t be fooled. If you back off one step he’ll run back a mile.

    Hashem always give Israel success against our enemies, He gives us land and victory. Why does Israel repeatedly throw it away…for nothing?!

    If you exile the Jews of Amona from their homes you may as well move the capital of Israel to Caesarea, the old Roman capital of Israel. The Supreme Court told you to exile them? You mean you are just following orders? (We have heard that excuse before…) Have you no G-d other than those Supreme Clowns, no morality other than politics, no fear of G-d, just of The Hague?

    By השגחה פרטית you are the man most responsible for the protection of the people of Israel…the children of Amona. They are “your children and grandchildren.” Would you throw your own children out of their own backyard if someone told you to?

    Binyamin, you stand there at the top of the hill, alone and uncertain, afraid to take the bold step that may have consequences that you won’t be able to handle and that you won’t be able to back away from…Just like the rest of us when we are each tested in our own lives with situations that we wished we never had to deal with. But you are different. You have the responsibility of all the Jews of Israel on your shoulders. And correspondingly you have the זכות of all the Jews of Israel backing you up:

    “ויאמר אליו: ה’ עמך גבור החיל…ויאמר לך בכחך זה והושעת את ישראל” (שופטים ו: י”ב-י”ד)

    Wishing you true success,

    Professor Shimon Silman,
    Director, RYAL Institute


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    1. Anonymous

      Professor Silman, very well written.
      I’m making ‘Aliayh,’ BE”H so I won’t state
      my name. I don’t trust those in power.

      ‘Todah raabah,’
      The Freidiker Rebbe said that “This ‘medina’ (‘Medinat Chelm’ one ‘Schliach’ called it) pushed
      ‘Moshiach’ away for 50 years”
      The state should never have been. The British would have probably done a better job. They
      wouldn’t tolerate violence, etc. from the Arabs.


      EXCELLENT !!!


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