Op-Ed: Covering Up Doesn’t Help Children




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    Op-Ed: Covering Up Doesn’t Help Children

    “All was regular until my 12 year old son casually commented on a “weird” mistake in one of the songs…” • A concerned parent relates an episode that caused her shock and embarrassment • “Why is it that our schools and organizations are hiding such vital information from our children?!” • Full Article

    How are you sleeping in comfort at night?

    The Beis Hamikdash is burning – Galus we have to fight;

    My dear Chassidim this darkness must end,

    We can’t rest – Tut altz vos eir kent.

    The above powerful sentences are the chorus of the 3rd song in the new camp Chayolei Hamelech album. The professionally produced album, which was recorded in Chony Milecki Studios, contains 9 beautiful camp songs. Although my children didn’t attend Chayolei (as least not as of now), still, being a big fan of their Moshiach and Rebbe themed songs I made my purchase as soon as I heard of the CD.

    Over the next few days it was the only thing being played in my car, and me and my children really enjoyed every single song. All was regular until my 12 year old son casually commented on a “weird” mistake in one of the songs: “why does he say ‘the Beis Hamikdash is burning’ – the Beis Hamikdash was burned!” I turned to him, surprised, and said “What do you mean? Don’t you know of the “Sicha the Rebbe said years ago” of “Ker a velt heint”?” and after a few more questions and hints, finally, the Sicha somewhat rang a bell…

    No words. Shock. Embarrassment.

    Yes, me and my husband take some of the blame. But I think that our Mosdos, schools, etc. are a bit at fault, too. I’m sure that the video of Yud Beis Tammuz, 5744 was played to our children at some point, but the fact that this Sicha and many others are not incorporated in our children’s studies is, frankly, outrages!

    Why must a child discover that the Rebbe himself explains that 770 is the holiest place in the world, . . .only while he’s in Mesivta?

    Why must a child find out that the Rebbe himself said that his message of Moshiach’s imminent arrival is a Nevuah, . . .only in a summer camp?

    Why is it that our children think that saying the Rebbe is Moshiach, whether they believe in it or not, is a fanatic statement, and they don’t know that it is all clearly in the Rebbe’s Sichos?

    Why is it that our schools and organizations are hiding such vital information from our children?

    The only way we can expect our children to hold on, in these bitter and tough last moments of Galus, is by infusing them with the Rebbe’s clear message about Moshiach, with the Rebbe’s opinion on our situation — with the Rebbe’s Sichos!

    Who knows, maybe this will be the cure for all of our other educational problems?

    – A concerned parent


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    1. Boruch N Hoffinger

      Lack of proper communication-message-understanding re: ‘Inyonai Moshiach’ is either ignorance
      or the ‘yetzer.’

    2. a chosid

      A better question to ask is; Since when is believing in Moshiach a “political” issue?!

      Is it “political” to daven? Is it political to keep shabbos? Moshiach is a fundamental principle of yiddishkeit!

      By making something pure and holy “political” you essentially negate the very foundation it represents.

    3. chayim

      You are 100% right. Please send this to all of the principals of our mosdos.
      For anyone that looks realistically at the children that lose their emunah you will find that the percentage is MUCH higher in those mosdos that cover up or ignore the Holy words of the Rebbe of Nun-Alefh & Nun-Bais, because hen children are told that certain Sichos are not important or relevant they may reject everything.

    4. Reader

      Where can one buy the physical cd (on the internet)? I only saw that the download version is for sale on Mostly Music.

      I do not live in Crown Heights so I do not see which stores have it.

    5. So true

      -להעיר מההקדמה לקונטרס עץ החיים -חולק ע”י כ”ק אד”ש:

      ימים יבואו ודור צעיר יבוא בתביעה נפשיית אל כל מנהיגיו ובפרט אל מנהלי הישיבות וראשיהם, לאמר:

      . . מפני מה לא אמרתם לנו את האמת, אמתה של תורת אלקים חיים, במילואה…

      ומה נאמר ובמה נצטדק ביום ההוא?

      And “that day” (of Moshiach’s revelation, IS NOT FAR!!!

    6. Anonymous

      For International orders – email [email protected] to place an order and arrange shipping details.

    7. Buy the CD

      You can send an email to [email protected]

    8. moshe

      Great article, so sad but so true.

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