• Lo Ozav Velo Yazoiv!

    We’re talking about Zikney HaChassidim, the big Mashpiim, they know very well what they’re doing, they know what they’re saying. They’re the Mashpiim. The ones who were there all along, Anshei Moshe, they obviously had a reason for what they did • Full Article

    Kabbalas Shabbos

    In the times of the Arizal, it was the common custom for many Mekubalim to greet the Shabbos in a unique way. They would go out into the forest and stand in the hills or in between trees and recite Lecha Dodi there.

    One week, just a few minutes before Shabbos, the Arizal turned to his students on the way out to the forest, and asked them to join him on a journey to Yerushalayim. The students of the Arizal, who were living in Tzfas, trusted that the Arizal would make a miracle to enable to reach Yerushalayim in time for Shabbos. However, they knew that accompanying the Arizal would mean that they would be unable to return home to Tzfas for the Shabbos.

    Aizil Veimlich Bedeveishu

    “Let us first go ask our wives,” the Chassidim responded, in accordance to the Halacha that when one wishes to leave his family, he must first get explicit permission from ‘Beiso’ – his wife.

     Eilmolei Hayisem Kulchem Meshivin Lee Bepeh Echad Ubsimcha Gedoilah, Miyad Hoyu Nigallin Kol Yisroel –

    To which the Arizal responded:

    “If only you would have responded immediately with great happiness, all Yidden would have been redeemed immediately”

    It seems strange that a negative outcome resulted from the Chassidim’s response as it is a clear Halacha in Torah that one must ask his wife permission, before leaving home. The Chassidim themselves had no problem going, being that they completely believed in the words of the Arizal and that the Arizal was even capable of getting them to Yerusholayim before Shabbos.


    The Great sin

    The Yidden were at their peak. Hashem just saved them from Pharoh and took them out of Mitzraim, showed them the greatest of miracles, split seas for them. Literally. Whatever they requested they got, no questions asked. They were doing fine.

    Yes, we’re talking about the Yidden. Right after Matan Torah. By the Chet HaEigel.

    Wait, pause. When? After Matan Torah? By the Cheit HaWhat?

    Those same Yiden that Hashem did everything for, and gave them whatever they wished for, and just finished asking not to worship any other creatures. That same group of people? Sinned in the golden calf?? How? Why? What a spit in the face to Hashem? After all that, now this? Where does this come from?


    At first glance, you’re right. It’s absurd!  One hundred percent. But listen, we’re talking about Zikney HaChassidim, the big Mashpiim, they know very well what they’re doing, they know what they’re saying. They’re the Mashpiim. The ones who were there all along, Anshei Moshe, they obviously had a reason for what they did.


    They did. The Yidden knew very well that in order for them to be able to connect to Hashem they needed a Memutza Hamichaber, someone down here who has the power to connect the Yiden to Hashem. They needed a Moshe.

    Being that “VehoEish Moishe Lo Yodonu Me Hoyo Lo”- seemingly Moshe had left them; it only made sense to move on.

    Eloikey Kesef Veloikey Zahav!!

    Now, we must grow bigger, more establishments, more Moisdois.

    They had all the necessary proofs. All the right reasons to believe so.


    Yes, they may have had all the excuses, but they clearly forgot what Moshe has promised them.

    Lo Ozav Velo Yazoiv HaRoieh Es Tzoin Mareisoi!

    The shepherd will never leave his flock. There is no such thing as “Moshe Einenu”. There is no such concept that Moshe is seemingly no longer with us. Even if we had all the excuses according to Torah. Moshe is forever with us.


    History repeats itself

    Again and again, we’ve made the same mistake to understand too much, to be too clever, to ‘know’ what is beyond us.

    Kulaunu Chachomim, Kulanu Yodeim Es HaTorah.

    We all know the exact situation and the exact Halacha, but this time, let us not come to our own conclusions in the name of Halacha. Let us really believe. Let us truly dedicate our lives and most importantly, let us listen.

    Listen to the words of the Rebbe. Listen to all that he has told us. Listen that the Geulah is imminent. And listen to the facts.

    Lo Ozav Velo Yazoiv Haroieh Es Tzoin Mareiso.




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