Toronto Rabbis Impressed By Yeshiva Students


    Toronto Rabbis Impressed By Yeshiva Students

    40 Bochurim of the Toronto Yeshiva impressed Toronto’s leading Rabbis with the proficiency in Maseches Shabbos, memorizing the whole Masechta! ● Among the Rabbis was the renowned Rabbi Shlomo Miller, Rosh Kollel and member of the Toronto Beis Din, who had a lengthy discussion with the Bochurim about the opinions of various Rishonim ● Full Story, Pictures

    After an intense year of tireless learning, using every spare moment of their daily brakes, staying up nights indulging in the learning of the entire Meseches Shabbos. Taking monthly tests on 16 blat at a time. The 40 bochurim were ready for intense Farher’s (Oral tests) on the entire mesechta bbas achas (at one shot), by Toronto’s foremost Rabonim.

    Their first stop this past Sunday, was at the Beis Medresh of Harav Shiye Firher Shlita, the Rosh Kollel of the Bobover Kollel of Toronto, and Rov of the Bobover Toronto Community.

    He tested all the Bochurim on all the Choimer (materiel), and was duly impressed by their knowledge. He encouraged them to continue in their progress of Torah learning, by totally immersing themselves into its waters; So that even when they walked in the street, their minds would be preoccupied with the study of Torah.

    Their next stop – on Monday, was at the Kollel of Harav Shlomo Miller Shlita, Rosh Kollel of Kollel Avreichim, and member of the Beis Din Tzedek of Toronto. They were thoroughly tested by the esteemed Rabbi on the entire Mesechta; as he added his own original insights, references and thoughts. The Rabbi also tested them unexpectedly on random Rishonim on the Mesechta, he was immensely impressed by the Bkius of the Bochurim,

    Being that the test occurred on the Erev Tisha B’av, when starting from Chatzos we are forbidden with the study of Torah. The Rov pointed out to the Bochurim, that the reason for this is because on Tisha B’av we are in a state of mourning over the destruction of the Beis Hamikdash, and thus, deriving pleasure is forbidden. From here we clearly see, – said the Rov, that Torah ought to be a source of pleasure, and learned with Simcha.

    Mivtza Torah is a Mivtza started by the Rebbe 40 years ago (the amount of Bochurim that participated in the Mivtza), in 5734, to “take over the world with the learning of Torah” (איינעמען די וועלט מיט לימוד התורה). Subsequently the Talmidim Hashluchim of many Yeshivos have taken to initiating their “own” Mivtza Torah. Encouraging their bochurim to learn as much Torah as possible, Niglah and Chassidus. It is our hope, that this Mivtza together with all the others, will hasten the coming of Moshiach, when we see the Rebbe again; may it be now!

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    Toronto Rabbis Impressed By Yeshiva Students