Thieves Drug, Rob Shluchim in Mexico




    Chalukas Shas 5784

    Thieves Drug, Rob Shluchim in Mexico

    Last Thursday, the Druk family experienced a real life nightmare when a burglar broke into their home and robbed them of all their valuables. The entire family was home at the time of the robbery • Full Story

    Meet The Druks

    In the Summer of 2007, Mendel and Rachel Druk moved to Cancun, Mexico on Shlichus. Over the last eight years they have provided a wide range of services to the Cancun community and to its many vacationing visitors. They offer everything from a warm Shabbat meal to those far from home, to educational Torah classes, to hebrew school for local residents. The Druk’s have become an integral Jewish establishment in Cancun, and thousands of visitors have benefited from their kindness and generosity.

    The Story

    Last Thursday, the Druk family experienced a real life nightmare when a burglar broke into their home and robbed them of all their valuables. The entire family was home at the time of the robbery. A video camera captured footage of the burglar breaking into the Druk’s home.

    He is then seen going into Rachel and Mendel’s room and then their children’s rooms, and spraying a chemical agent that knocked out the entire family who were already asleep.

    He then proceeded to collect anything and everything of value, with the Druk family in their beds, inches away.

    When Mendel and Rachel woke up the next morning to their children’s fits of nausea and retching, they found their home in disarray and valuables gone. Thank G-d everyone was left otherwise physically unharmed.

    The Druks immediately contacted the Mexican police, but despite the video footage the police told them there is nothing to be done to recover their belongings or even catch the criminal.

    Mexico’s reputation as a crime-ridden country makes this not much of a surprise. Thus the Druk’s are not only left without so much as a phone to reach their families, but will not even get some semblance of closure after so traumatic an experience.

    The Campaign

    Without elaborating on the many programs and wonderful initiatives the Druk’s have started, I will stay say this: many of you have experienced the Druk’s hospitality firsthand. The joy they both have for their Shlichus, and their commitment to helping everyone that comes their way is remarkable. I hope with this campaign we can help them get back on their feet and show they how much they are appreciated.

    Where It’s Going

    The money we raise will go towards three things:

    1) Home Security System: A security system for the Druk’s home, to not only ensure something like this never happens again but to also help the family feel safe in their own home.

    2) Replacement of Belongings: Purchasing replacements for all of the Druk’s stolen belongings. This includes everything from cell phones to a computer their daughter uses daily to attend the Shluchim Online School.

    3) Chabad Security System: The Druk’s are currently building a Chabad house where their future permanent home will be. The money we raise in this campaign will contribute towards a protective wall to make a compound around the Chabad house, a security fence, and video and alarm system to keep the Druk Family and their community safe at all times. The contractor’s estimate for the cost is $45,000. These security measures are a necessity in a country where crime is rampant.

    If we surpass our goal, the additional funds will go towards the building of the social hall in the Chabad house which will be built in honor of Rachel’s father, Dovid Malka A”H, who was a well-known and well-loved member of the Crown Heights community.

    Who Am I?

    Many of you may be wondering who I am, and why I started this campaign. As a longtime friend of the Malka family, I have grown to love Rachel Druk (nee Malka) and respect the incredible work she and her husband Mendel have done in Cancun.

    I visited Chabad of Cancun on several occasions and what stands out to me about the Druks is how incredibly modest they are. Even now, days after the robbery, neither Rachel nor Mendel have publicly let their friends or community know what occurred to their family or asked for any help. I cannot help but be in complete awe of this wonderful family, and encourage you to donate generously.

    Why This Platform?

    Unlike most fundraising platforms, is unique in that 100% of donations go towards the campaign with no fees or other charges. This means every penny we collect for the Druk Family will go DIRECTLY to them.


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    Thieves Drug, Rob Shluchim in Mexico