The Rebbe Promises, The Rebbe Fulfills: On Chof Av, We Are Blessed With Abundance!




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    The Rebbe Promises, The Rebbe Fulfills: On Chof Av, We Are Blessed With Abundance!

    The annual campaign in honor of the Yom Hahillula of R’ Levi Yitzchok Schneerson, the father of our Rebbe has begun. Close to the Tziyun, the place where the Rebbe personally cared for many years, the Shluchim today continue the revolution that illuminates the entire country. The chance and special blessing-up to 500 times more! • Full Story, Video

    In recent years, the date of Chof Av, yahrzeit of the gaon, chossid and mekubal Harav Levi Yitzchok Schneerson, father of the Rebbe, has become a significant day on the calendar in the wider Jewish community. Yidden of all types, from all walks of life, pay tribute on the day to the mesiras nefesh and  awe-inspiring Torah knowledge of the ba’al hahilula.

    Reb Levi Yitzchok served as the Chief Rabbi of Yeketrinislav (today Dnipro, Ukraine) was a fearless leader and did not hesitate to stand up to the Communist regime at the height of their strength. As a result, he was persecuted by the regime, arrested, tortured and exiled to far-away Kazakhstan, where he eventually passed away in Almaty. 

    Every year on Chof Av, the Rebbe would hold a farbrengen in his father’s memory and would urge chassidim to donate to a special magbis in his honor. In 5739, the Rebbe showered brachos on those that would donate, saying that Hashem would pay them back with great abundance, “up to 500 times as much!”


    Today, 78 years after the passing of Reb Levi Yitzchok, an incredible Jewish renaissance is taking place in Kazakhstan, where Reb Levi Yitzchok was exiled and where his holy tziyon is located. 

    Rabbi Yeshaya Cohen, Head Shliach and Chief Rabbi of Kazakhstan, says he feels a constant urge to further expand the Chabad activities in the country to honor Reb Levi Yitzchok.

    “A shliach once turned to the Rebbe with an unusual request: He was building a new Chabad institution and wanted the Rebbe’s permission to name it after his revered father, Harav Levi Yitzchok Schneerson,” Rabbi Cohen relates. “The Rebbe responded that if the shliach wanted to name the institution after his father, it would need to be b’harchava – expansive, because ‘by my father, everything was b’harchava!’”

    “Even more so in the very same place where Reb Levi Yitzchok served Hashem with all his might, even while in exile, and the location of his holy resting place, we need to double and redouble our efforts b’harchava!” he says passionately. 

    Ten Chabad houses are located in 7 cities throughout the country of Kazakhstan, headed by the main Chabad house in close proximity to the holy tziyon in Almaty. Chabad in Kazakhstan is constantly expanding its activities, giving men, women and children the chance to live a Jewish life with pride: celebrate brissin and bar mitzvah, marry according to Halacha, study Torah and daven, celebrate the Yomim Tovim and be proud Jews!

    As Chof Av approaches once again, a special campaign has been launched to help support and expand the activities of Chabad of Kazakhstan, the very location where Reb Levik was exiled.

    The annual campaign is a chance for all chassidim to take part in the revolution in Kazakhstan, and to bring an immense nachas ruach to the Rebbe and his father, the ba’al hilula. 

    “This is the Rebbe’s personal campaign, which comes along with the Rebbe’s bracha and guarantee,” the shluchim in Kazakhstan said. “When you give b’harchava, you are blessed b’harchava, up to 500 times as much!”

    “Every year we hear and experience wonderous stories of people who donated to campaign and saw miracles. Take part now in honor of the Rebbe, in honor of Reb Levi Yitzchak and for all the Jews of Kazakhstan!”

    The names of all donors will be mentioned for all brachos at the holy tziyon on the very day of the yahrzeit.

    A raffle will be held among the donors for two tickets to the holy tziyon in Almaty, including full hospitality in close proximity to tziyon.

    Video: A special production for Chof Av! This is how Reb Levi Yitzchok saved three children from spiritual ruin. The shluchim today continue his holy work!

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      This is the Rebbe’s personal campaign, which comes along with the Rebbe’s bracha and guarantee

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