‘Samarkand’ Now Available in English




    Chalukas Shas 5784

    ‘Samarkand’ Now Available in English

    ‘Samarkand’ by Rabbi Hillel Zaltzman is available now in English, Russian and Hebrew! Originally written in Hebrew, it has been translated into English and Russian, and is now available to the public • Full Story

    ‘Samarkand’ by Rabbi Hillel Zaltzman, is available now in English, Russian & Hebrew! Originally written in Hebrew, it has been translated into English, Russian and is now available to the public.

    Samarkand describes in detail the fascinating story of self-sacrifice of the Chassidic underground in the Soviet Union from the 1940s through the 70s.

    This gripping narrative transports the reader to times gone-by, painting a picture of legendary heroes, perpetuating Torah study under the constant threat of arrest by the KGB. It tells of the hard fought battle to preserve Jewish identity, and holding Judaism during the rule of communist terror.

    The Hebrew edition captured the attention of thousands of readers, and was met with great acclaim, becoming a best-seller. Scores of parents read it to their children, and numerous institutions awarded the book to their supporters. The book makes the perfect gift for a birthday, a bar or bas mitzvah, or a mekurav.

    This account brings home the essence of what it means to have mesiras nefesh and what it means to be a Jew.

    In the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s words: “There are three ways one can bring others closer to Torah and Judaism: By learning Mussar, the Torah’s ethical teachings; by learning Chassidus; and another way is by recounting the tremendous sacrifice of the Jews living behind the Iron Curtain [to maintain Jewish life there]. It is easy to understand that the third way leads to the best results with regards to bring Jewish people closer to the Torah and to Judaism.”

    “In my opinion, it’s important to circulate the book among the young generation in particular”. Reb Yoel Kahn

    “Zaltzman’s account offers a previously undiscovered tale of Chabad which was NEVER BEFORE documented or written”. Rabbi Berel Levine

    This riveting story is difficult to put down. It is highly recommended by the Chief Rabbi of Russia, Rabbi Berel Lazar, Chairman of The Jewish Agency in Israel, Nathan Sharansky, chairman of the Knesset Yuli Edelstein, and others.

    “It’s not a book of a past bygone; it’s a book of the present and future”. Rabbi Yossi Paltiel

    “Once I started reading ‘Samarkand’, I just couldn’t stop. The author made me feel as if I was actually THERE!”. Rabbi Aharon Ceitlin

    “I emphasize once again: I consider this work a true piece of literature”. Leonid Gomberg, author and journalist.

    The book can be purchased at your local Judaica store, or online at: Kehot.com, Seforimdeals.com, and Amazon.com

    It can also be purchased by emailing the author: [email protected]



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    ‘Samarkand’ Now Available in English