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    1. Mom

      Where are all the great videos that i used to show my kids??

    2. shneorweb

      Thanks for your feedback!
      The all features like these, Coming soon.

    3. shliach

      nice fresh design! though difficult to read now that the articles are not centered

    4. shneorweb

      Thanks for your feedback!
      What do you mean “not centered? All articles post on a wall

    5. shezi

      the articles ar on the side. i think people need to get used to it. alittle bit deficault.

    6. Bar Seichel

      Looks good, but this light gray font, which is so fashionable these days is idiotic and annoying. Old people have a hard time reading it and young people’s eyes are going to quickly become damaged straining to read it. Is there some kind of conspiracy by the so called graphics design community to make us all equal – so that young people become as visually impaired as old people ?

    7. Zev

      2 problems:
      1) Search doesn’t work any more
      2) When I find old articles online, the old links are redirected to the current news, instead of the old article.

    8. cbb

      Where are the niggunim

    9. Crown Heights mother

      whenever I wanted kosher and uplifting videos for my kids we knew we could count on for a great selection. I was able to say, ‘choose any video from here’, Can we have that back please, and a kids section with interesting chassidishe content please.

    10. mother

      where are the niggunim?? I used to put it on for my kids to listen to.
      Also, the term “Hot” news is not such a aidele word.

    11. shneorweb

      Thanks for your feedback!
      The all features like these, Coming soon.

    12. YH

      Before clicking on the article, I want to know if there are any comments and how many.

    13. Aharon HaKoton

      Like the layout, but where is MOSHIACH!!?

    14. pinchos

      Very goishe look, took out Rebbe and Moshiach
      Very not impressed

    15. Anonymous

      the old one was much better. more Chassidish more Moshiachdik etc. And I think everyone agrees. could you please put it back to normal? this makes it look more like COL or Shmais or something.

    16. Zev

      After looking at it for a week, I’ll tell you – old look was MUCH MUCH BETTER! It gave the unique look and character, with a Moshiach Flag, Rebbe’s picture, and a nice Yechi.
      Simple and Aidel.
      The new look is dull and goyish-looking.
      Yechi HaMelech HaMoshiach!

    17. 770

      very nice

    18. Max Steinhauser

      Doesn’t work well for desktop or mobile. I understand this is supposed to be responsive but it was executed rather poorly. The desktop version is too wide and the mobile is very choppy and slow.

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