Lubavitch Bochur Creates App


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    Lubavitch Bochur Creates App

    Menachem Cowen, a Yeshivas Chabad of Cincinnati alumni, created an app which is designed to assist you during Davning. The app, tells users exactly when one is allowed to stop during Davning and for what purpose • Download App

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    1. Halacha?

      Was this overlooked by a Rav Moreh Hora’ah?

    2. Anonymous

      He is a alumni of Miami Zal and jets

    3. Reb Steve A'H Jobs

      Dear Menachem,

      Would you be so kind and create the app for iOS. (iPhone)

      Thank you very much.


      The other 50% of daveneres.

    4. What about for iPhones


    5. Menachem Cowen

      Hey guys I’m glad people found my app helpful
      The reason it is not on Apple yet is because Apple charges $100 a year and requires you to have a Mac computer.
      I currently do not charge for any apps Ive made, so unless I put annoying ads in them I cannot monetize off them.
      Any donation to [email protected] will be greatly appreciated!
      I’ve also made a moshiach app which helps you with what Brachos to say when Moshiach comes. And more to come.
      (Search Menachem Cowen on the Google play store)

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    Lubavitch Bochur Creates App