Hadar Hatorah’s Winners Announced




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    Hadar Hatorah’s Winners Announced

    Hadar Hatorah held their 19th annual Purim raffle this year. Sixteen winners are the lucky recipients of exciting prizes and money gifts • Full List

    1:$5000.00 Cash – Menachem Schuartzman, Morristown, NJ

    2: Megillas Esther/Silver case – Russell & Leslie Coff,  Madison,   WI

    3: $1500. Travel –  Gershon Sabol, Spring Valley, NY

    4: $1500 Gift Cards– Yosef Schechter, Brooklyn, NY

    5: Five Piece Sterling Silver Shabbos Table Set –  Avigdor Kravietz, Pomona, NY

    6: Diamond Pendant – Yechezkel Yaffee, Brooklyn, NY

    7: Dell Computer – Rochel Gordon, Miami, FL

    8: Bracelet – Avraham Yosef Baez, Brooklyn, NY

    9: Watches – Russell & Leslie Coff, Madison, WI

    10: Earrings – Ephraim Bander, Brooklyn, NY

    11: “Mizrach” Lithograph by Michoel Muchnik – Binie Tenenbaum, Irvine, CA

    12: Michel Schwartz Lithograph (Lchaim): Eliezer Putter, Brooklyn, NY

    13: Apple iPad   – Yisroel Goldberg, Brooklyn, NY

    14: Canon Digital Camera –Aryeh Leib Fuss, Brooklyn, NY

    15: $500 B&H – Aaron Mendelsohn, Brooklyn, NY

     16: Canon Camcorder – Sholom M. Hecht, Brooklyn, NY


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    Hadar Hatorah’s Winners Announced