Downtown Melbourne Celebrates Sukkos




    Shifra Vepua

    Downtown Melbourne Celebrates Sukkos

    The annual Sukkos Gala Luncheon, organized by Chabad of Melbourne CBD, took place earlier this week with the participation of local community leaders, Rabibis & Politicians ● Full Story, Pictures

    Chabad of Melbourne CBD under the leadership of Rabbi Chaim Herzog hosted its annual gala luncheon in a beautiful Sukkah under the shade of some of Melbourne’s famous landmarks at Federation Square on Monday afternoon.

    An array of local businessman and visitors were graced by the presence of leading Rabbanim and politicians, including Rabbi David Rubinfeld of Melbourne Hebrew Congregation, The Hon Kevin Andrews MP, State Liberal MP David Southwick, and State ALP candidate for Caulfield Josh Burns.

    Rabbi Herzog welcomed the crowd in his warm and friendly manner, and tied in the message of Sukkot with the overall theme of connecting with G-d throughout the festive month of Tishrei.

    The Hon Kevin Andrews MP (Federal Member for Menzies) honoured the guests with an address which reflected his warm appreciation for the Jewish community and a special message for the Chag.

    MP David Southwick (Member for Caulfield) warmed the guests in his personable manner and highlighted how the festival of Sukkot encourages religious freedom in light of the fragile security situation around the world.

    State ALP candidate Josh Burns warmly addressed the crowd and showed his appreciation towards his constituents by delivering a message of appreciation for the past and hope for the future.

    Finally, Rabbi David Rubinfeld regaled the guests with his unique blend of Torah true messages and sense of entertainment. Within a minute of addressing the crowd, he drew everybody into an inspring rendition of the famous “Shehecheyonu Vekimonu Vehigianu” Hebrew song and then continued by delivering a message of hope and encouraged everybody present to appreciate the special obligation and opportunity we have to bring up our children with true Jewish values.

    Participants davened Mincha at the end of the luncheon and much praise and appreciation could be heard from all those leaving at the end of the event.














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    Downtown Melbourne Celebrates Sukkos