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    Chabad of Belem Welcomes Torah

    The Jewish community of Belem, Brazil, participated in a beautiful Hachnosas Sefer Torah, sponsored by the Kabacznik family. The Shliach of Belem, Rabbi Disraeli Zagury, explained how this event was a big Kidush Hashem • Full Story, Photos

    The Jewish community of Belem, Brazil, joined for a beautiful event to celebrate the completion of a new Sefer Torah in honor of the Rebbe’s birthday and Shnas Hakhel.

    The Sefer Torah was dedicated by the Kabacznik family to Beit Chabad of Belem, directed by Rabbi and Mrs. Disraeli Zagury.

    This event truly brought together the entire Jewish community. The celebration was attended by over 200 people, and members of the community described the event as the most beautiful and incredible occasion Belem has ever seen.

    “The event was a huge Kiddush Hashem and very exciting for the entire community,” says Rabbi Zagury, the head Shliach of Belem.

    The writing of the new Sefer Torah was completed by sofer Rabbi Yosef Altein of Crown Heights.

    The special evening brought people together from all corners of the world. Reb Itche Nemenov, mashpia of Tomchei Temimim Brunoy joined in this incredible simcha, together with many Rabbonim, Shluchim, family and friends from Brazil and around the globe who flew to Belem for this most special occasion.

    “This Sefer Torah is dedicated to our dear Rebbe,” said Avrohom Kabacznik. “This was a truly special event that combined two mitzvos: uniting Am Yisroel through Hakhel and writing the Sefer Torah. Yisroel stands for ‘Yesh Shishim Tiboh Oisios L’Torah’ and the mitzvah of Hakhel is to bring yiden together, which was fulfilled at this Hachnosas Sefer Torah.”

    “The Kedusha felt in the city on this night left everyone extremely inspired!” said Yakov Kabacznik.

    Joyous dancing and singing was led by Dovid’s Music Orchestra – Dovid Altein from Toronto and singer Chony Zucker.

    Many local media stations broadcast and covered the event.

    The magnitude of Jewish pride that everyone felt while dancing in the streets with the new Torah left a huge impression on the entire community. It was a true Kiddush Hashem.

    The event was followed by a special shabbos and farbrengen with Reb Itche Nemenov.







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    Chabad of Belem Welcomes Torah