Chabad Karaganda Celebrates Anniversary




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    Chabad Karaganda Celebrates Anniversary

    One year ago, a renaissance of Jewish life was successfully launched in Karaganda with the opening of the Chabad House of Karaganda • Full Story, Photos

    One year ago, a renaissance of Jewish life was successfully launched in Karaganda with the opening of the Chabad House of Karaganda.

    In honor of the first anniversary of Chabad Karaganda, a community wide celebration was enjoyed by the community, honoring the many programs and successful Chabad activities over the past year.

    Chief Rabbi of Kazakhstan, Rabbi Yeshaya Cohen praised the tireless work and dedication of the Chabad Lubavitch emissaries to Karaganda, Rabbi Asher and and Mrs. Rachel Tumarkin.

    Rabbi Cohen invited all the participants to join in a Mega Hakhel gathering which will take place this summer in Alma Ata on the Hillula of the Rebbe’s father Rabbi Levi Yitzchak Schneerson.

    Rabbi Shmuel Karnaukh of Chabad of Astana, who is responsible for the financial budget of Chabad Karaganda, expressed his heartfelt blessings to Rabbi and Mrs. Tumarkin to continue going from strength to strength, to grow and to broaden the scope of Chabad Jewish activities. Leaving no Jew behind.

    Rabbi Karnaukh publicly thanked the philanthropist Mr. Alexander Moskowitz, who generously contributes to the Chabad Karaganda activities. Mr. Moskowitz donated the Karaganda Synagague in honor of his parents.

    The Jewish organization “Chesed” was represented by Mr. Alexander Baron. In his greetings Mr. Baron thanked Rabbi and Mrs. Tumarkin for their incredible contribution to Jewish life in Karaganda and he thanked Rabbi Yeshaya Cohen and Rabbi Elchonon Cohenwho are stationed in Alma Ata Kazakhstan and lovingly care for all Chabad activities across Kazakhstan.

    Mrs. Ella Kaminetsky of the “Chesed” organization, presented Rabbi and Mrs. Tumarkin with Jewish holy books which were brought to the region by exiled Rabbis during the dark ages of communism.

    Rabbi Tumarkin presented certificates of honor to the staff, volunteers and supporters of Chabad Karaganda. Mrs. Tumarkin presented special honors to the members and activists of the Karaganda Jewish Women’s Organization.

    An inspiring video highlighting the many year-round Chabad Karaganda activities, with testimonials of local Jews, who movingly describe their return and discovery of their proud Jewish heritage, was a heartwarming treat. Bringing to life the imagery of pulsating vibrant Jewish life and celebration of Karaganda Jewry.

    A festive Chassidic Farbrengen culminated the festivity with the participation of the Chabad Shliach and Chief Rabbi of Pavlodar, Rabbi Shimon Ash, sharing words of Jewish wisdom, spirited song, L’chayim and Jewish pride and inspiration.











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    Chabad Karaganda Celebrates Anniversary