Breaking: Chossid Stabbed in Italy




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    Breaking: Chossid Stabbed in Italy

    Just in: A Chossid walking near the Carmel restaurant in a Jewish neighborhood of Milan, Italy, was attacked and then stabbed repeatedly, incurring a deep gash on the face, among other wounds, before being rushed to the hospital • Full Story

    A Chossid was attacked today, Thursday, in Milan, Italy, in what appears to be an attack motivated by antisemitism.

    The 40 year-old man, Nathan Graf, was walking near the Carmel kosher pizzeria in San Gimignano, a Jewish neighborhood of Milan, Italy, when three assailants, two men and one woman, all Muslims, approached him from behind, and proceeded to stab the victim repeatedly in his back of neck.

    Italian news agencies report that the victim was stabbed nine times, the most serious one being a 7-centimeter deep gash to the face. Italian authorities has taken a suspect into custody.

    The victim, the son-in-law of Chabad Rabbi Levi Hezkia, suffered light to moderate injuries, and was rushed to the Ospedale Niguarda Ca’Granda hospital in Milan.

    Please say Tehillim for Natan ben Chaya Sarah.

    Stabbing attacks, once thought to be limited to Jews living in Israel who continue to suffer from a constant stream of such antisemitic attacks, seems recently to be spilling over to other countries around the world.

    Increasingly, European antisemitism is rearing its ugly head, with escalating violence against Jews being reported almost constantly; many Jews openly admit that they fear to walk the streets of their own neighborhoods with any Jewish identifiers, lest they become a target for attack.

    European governments have responded with condemning the escalating hate, but their action tell a different story, and have some suggesting it may be a contributing factor in the most recent attacks.

    Just yesterday, the European Union passed a resolution requiring that products produced in Israel be labeled as such, in a step that many say is tantamount to a boycott of Israeli goods. The double-standard applied to the Jewish state is obvious, and antisemitic. Indeed, those governments can hardly claim to be repulsed by the rise of antisemitism when their actions actively encourage it.


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      Since the Rebbe Shlita Said: If Israel gives away land that Hashem helped them win in a miraculous way during the June 1967 SIX day war this will put the lives of Jews all over the world in danger

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    Breaking: Chossid Stabbed in Italy