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    “A Time to Build…”

    Here’s how it works: Pick one of the three options: One-time donation: 1) Donate 1,900$ in one shot. 2) Two-year subscription. 3) Five-year subscription • Full Details

    Here’s how it works:

    1. How to join

    Pick one of the three options:

    1. A) One-time donation: Donate 1,900$ in one shot. With this option you can pay with cash or bank transfer, as well as credit card or PayPal.
    2. B) Two-year subscription: Sign up with a credit card or PayPal, which will be charged 83$ once a month for 24 months (1,992$ all together).
    3. C) Five-year subscription: Sign up with a credit card or PayPal, which will be charged 35$ once a month for 60 months (2,100$ all together). [Note: current registration is for 24 months, and afterwards further registration will be required for another 24 months, and then for another 12 months].

    Last day to register: Friday, 6 Teves.

    1. Dedications

    After registration, one name (only) may be submitted for a dedication, for the zechus of a living person or l’ilui nishmas (e.g. “lizchus R’ Ploni ben Plonis Almoni (and his family)”, or “l’ilui nishmas R’ Ploni Ben R’ Ploni Almoni a”h”). Special pages at the back of each and every volume will include dedications with all the names.

    If you opt for the one-time donation (option A), you may also submit text for a full-page dedication in one of the volumes, and if you choose the two-year subscription (option B) you may submit text for a half page dedication (the text is subject to approval by the Machon’s administration). These dedications will appear on a first-come first-serve basis, equally divided amongst the volumes (for example: if 160 people join with option A or B, there will be one dedication in each volume. If 240 people join, there will be one or two dedications in each volume. If 360 people join, there will be 2 dedications in each volume. Etc.)

    1. Receiving the books

    Everyone who signs up will be eligible to receive all 160 volumes of Divrei Moshiach of the years 5710-5749.

    [When we will merit to hear new teachings from the Rebbe Shlita Melech Hamoshiach, and IYH new volumes will be published with this year’s (and subsequent years’) Sichos, these volumes will not be included in the current registration. Also, the 13 volumes of the years 5750-5752 must be purchased separately].

    The books will be available upon their arrival in the USA in Crown Heights at 770 (you will receive an email that the new book is available). [There is an option to pay to have each new volume delivered to a US address online at torasmoshiach.com (however this is unfortunately rather expensive, and it is recommended to arrange for pickup in Crown Heights)].

    Important note: If you register in the US and at any point would like to continue receiving new volumes in Eretz Yisroel, you may do so by submitting your new address. However, if you register in Eretz Yisroel, it will not be possible to continue receiving new volumes in the US (except with an additional fee).

    1. Cancelling registration

    Every person who registers is effectively guaranteeing to donate the entire sum, within the time frame above. If there are problems charging the card, the donor must sort out the problem as soon as possible, and will not continue to receive new volumes until his donation continues.

    The plan is, IYH, to publish a minimum of four volumes a year (and with Hashem’s help we hope that with everyone’s help we will be able to speed up the process, and publish up to 8 volumes a year or more). But if for whatever reason the rate will slow down to less than that (i.e. that 12 months will go by without 4 volumes being released), the option will be given to whoever wants to, to cancel his subscription and to receive back money for the seforim he hasn’t yet received (for members of option A – 11.87$ a volume, for members of option B – 12.45$ a volume and for members of option C – 13.12$ a volume).

    [It must be noted that the number 160 is approximate, and there may be a small change in the number of volumes. If there will turn out to be less than 160 volumes, everyone may receive a refund for the number of volumes missing. However, if there will be more than 160 volumes – every member will receive the extra volumes free of charge!].

    May we merit to hear “Divrei Moshiach” from the Rebbe Shlita Melech Hamoshiach immediately now!

    * * *

    To register

    By telephone: call 718-5603770 (if no reply, leave a message and we’ll get back to you, or email us at [email protected]).

    Online: visit bit.ly/timetobuild1 (option A), bit.ly/timetobuild24 (option B), or bit.ly/timetobuild60 (option C).

    When registering online, please email your hakdosho to [email protected]


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