One Day Left, 47 Nigunim


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    One Day Left, 47 Nigunim

    Tomorrow, Thursday, the Vaad is going to choose the Nigun for the Rebbe’s new kapital. We are publicizing all 47 (!) Nigunim that were sent in so far • Listen

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    1. Anonymous

      The niggunim this year are acceptable but not nearly as good as the previous years. The only one who matches and even goes beyond previous years’ entries is Mottel Stock’s niggun. It’s catchy, leibedik and fits best with the pesukim.

    2. I agree

      Each of the nigunim are very unique and each one has it’s maalos and chesronos – but the one that really stands out is stock’s nigun.

      This nigun is a one-of-a-kind. It’s a very easy nigun, it flows with all the words without having to kvetch it in.

      I really think this nigun should be chosen.

    3. bochor

      i think the best niggun this year is the one by levi shau and shaya wolfson, its nicely sang and it goes with the kapital very well

    4. A Shluch in Israel

      Mottel Stock’s is the best . I hope the people on the vad will be smart enugh to choos it 🙂

    5. to bochor

      levi shau and shaye Wolfson’s niggun is acceptable but not nearly as good as Stock’s niggun. (P.S. who copied who? Mendel Green or levi shau and shaye Wolfson?)

    6. Satmar Chossid

      I really like Mottel Stocks nigun. I think everyone does. Whoever sees this, should go listen to his niggun and see for yourself. Youlle really like it.

    7. bochur

      mendel green’s nigun and levi/shaya’s nigun is the same nigun. it’s mendel’s nigun but first he let his friends record it and then he wanted to add somethings so he recorded it again

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    One Day Left, 47 Nigunim