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  • What Lesson can Jews Learn from Brexit?

    To make it simple for the not-necessarily politically savvy religious Jews out there, the bottom line of “Brexit” is the following: After some years of trying to make a go at this European Union thing, the “Brits” have finally called it “Quits” • Full Article

    To make it simple for the not-necessarily politically savvy religious Jews out there, the bottom line of “Brexit” is the following:

    After some years of trying to make a go at this European Union thing, the “Brits” have finally called it “Quits”, and hence, are exiting, or I should say, “Brexiting”, the E.U.

    To explain the reasons for this drastic move and its implications for European Jewry, are actually not the purpose of this article. (Furthermore, many of us Americans couldn’t really be bothered to figure out what exactly the E.U. is, other than something that constantly condemns Israel, but we’ll leave that too for another article).

    The important lesson that can be gleaned from this news item, I believe, is that if the Brits can “Brexit” Europe, then certainly the Jews can “Jexit” as well! Yes, it’s time for Jews to exit, not just Europe, but to “Jexit” out of this Golus altogether! (Golus refers to the close to 2000-year exile of the Jewish People throughout the diaspora).

    It’s now time for Moshiach, and an integral part of the grand Geula (redemption) of the Jewish people is to get out of Golus! As the Lubavitcher Rebbe once emphatically and powerfully exclaimed at a Chasidic gathering of thousands, “Jews, go out of Golus!”

    So this should be a wake-up call for us – it’s time for a Jewish referendum to “Jexit”. And there are a lot more British people in Europe than Jews, so if the Brits can do it, then certainly we can too.

    Now I’m not suggesting that we should be physically leaving any particular place at the moment (- just as the UK is not actually physically removing itself from the European continent), but rather, to exit the Golus state of mind!

    In fact, in the years 1991-92, the Rebbe explained that although we will all surely be physically relocating to the Holy Land when the diaspora is gathered in (and that process too has already actually begun), Golus is not something that we necessarily have to “exit”. On the contrary, the word “Geula” is almost identical to the word “Gola” (diaspora), with exception of the letter Aleph (the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, which can refer to the “Alupho shel Olam”, the Master of the universe). In other words, the Geula is not “exiting” or negating exile, but on the contrary, it’s maintaining the Golus, while merely inserting the Aleph, G-d, into it. So everything remains the same physically; nature, economics, etc. Just G-dliness is revealed in it. Jews will not be leaving their Golus lives behind in the Geula, but will be taking everything with them so to speak. Or rather, leaving everything in its place, but refining it, and revealing G-dliness in every place and in every thing.

    So maybe we shouldn’t be “Jexiting” after all. On the contrary, instead of Jexiting, our job is to transform the European Union into the European Jewnion! Or for us Americans, the Jewnited States!

    Yes, to Jewnite and to reJewvenate the whole world by making it a dwelling place for G-d, by spreading Torah and Mitzvos throughout the globe.

    May this happen in a most imminent manner!



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