International Conference Inspires Guests


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    International Conference Inspires Guests

    The Oholei Torah building was home to the International Moshiach Congress, a full-day conference dedicated to learning the topics of redemption, concluding with a lavish dinner featuring some of Chabad’s most popular speakers ● Full Story, Pictures

    Tuesday, the 13th of Tishrei, will be remembered as the day when Moshiach & Redemption were brought to a whole new level.

    In a joint effort by the Chabad World Center to Greet Moshiach and Eshel – Hachnosas Orchim, the International Moshiach Congress took place in the Oholei Torah ballroom, with thousands of guests from around the world participating in this unique event.

    The full-day conference, focused on topics of Moshiach and redemption, began with breakfast, followed by group learning of the Talmudic passages referring to Moshiach.

    After Mincha and lunch, Rabbi Gershon Avtzon, Rosh Yeshivas Lubavitch of Cincinnati, entertained the crowd with a lecture on the importance of Mivtzoim, Moshiach, and everything in between.

    The guests were then treated to a plethora of options, ranging from a Shiur by Rabbi Shmuel Chaim Bluming on the Rebbe’s message of redemption which took place in the Oholei Torah Zal; a speech from Rabbi Schneur Zalman Liberow, Chabad Shliach to Faltbush, on methods of spreading the message of redemption, which took place in Chevra Ahavas Yisroel; Rabbi Shmerl Matusof, Mashpia of Yeshiva Gedola Lubavitch of Pennsylvania spoke about the Rebbe as the prophet, in the Eshel building, and Rabbi Shlomo Majesky, Mashpia of Machon Chana delivered a phenomenal Chassidus Shiur about the Rebbe’s physical life after Gimmel Tamuz, in Yeshivas Chovevei Torah.

    At 6:00pm, the guests reconvened in the Oholei Torah ballroom for a lavish banquet, where they heard Chabad Shliach to Central New Jersey, Rabbi Yosef  Carlebach sharing stories of Shlichus in New Jersey for the past 35 years; Rabbi Noam Wagner, Rosh Yeshivas Lubavitch of Toronto explaining how to encourage people from the street to accept the Rebbe’s kingship; Rabbi Nachman Schapiro, Mashpia of Oholei Torah called on everyone to spread the message of the Rebbe as Moshiach; and Rabbi Dovid Nachshon, director of Chabad Mitzvah Tanks in Israel.

    The day concluded with Ma’ariv and a video of the Rebbe, followed by tens of Farbrengens across town for the guests.


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      Please make available recordings of the speeches/lectures. At least Rabbi Majesky’s. Thank you.

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    International Conference Inspires Guests