The Rebbe on Hardships on Shlichus




    Chalukas Shas 5784

    The Rebbe on Hardships on Shlichus

    Chabadinfo in collaboration with Beis Moshiach Magazine presents: The Rebbe’s Opinion On, a series featuring the Rebbe’s opinion and directive on various subjects • A collection of freely translated priceless letters and answers with advice and encouragement for shluchim who experienced difficulties in their shlichus • Full Article

    A collection of freely translated priceless letters and answers with advice and encouragement for shluchim who experienced difficulties in their shlichus:

    Rather Be A Potato Farmer?

    In a letter to shlucha Mrs. Rachel Kreina Chanowitz, who wrote about the difficulties and troubles she was experiencing, the Rebbe writes (Igros, Vol. 44, #11605):

    Planting a tree that bears good fruit worthy to be served on the table of kings, especially of a great king, requires great efforts (and sometimes also at night), and it is, of course, clear to the planter that the fruit will not be complete and pleasing to the eye on the same day he invested his efforts…

    When planting potatoes – the effort is incomparably lower, and so is the time that needs to be waited until potatoes grow, etc.

    Nevertheless, one who was chosen by the king and appointed by him to plant his vineyard and orchard does not ask the king, to (chas v’shalom) switch his work to planting potatoes. Not only that, but he is happy that the king believes in him and chose him for this responsible mission, etc.

    In your opinion, is He [i.e., the King] right in his choice?

    All Shluchim Have Difficulties; Consult Them And Do The Same

    In a letter to shliach Rabbi Yehoshua Zelig haKohen Rivkin, who wrote about the difficulties in his shlichus work, and wondered if perhaps he was not suitable for shlichus – the Rebbe answered (Igros, Vol. 44, #11503):

    ?! Of course, you should continue! – but in a manner of addition and growth, and, simply put, this should be done with true bitachon (=confidence) that you will indeed succeed, with enthusiasm and happiness.

    ?! This must be done out of great simcha due to the fact that you merited, that through your shlichus and activities, thousands of Jews have been brought closer to their Father in Heaven.

    Through observing practical mitzvos (in addition to bringing Jews close through teaching them the knowledge of Judaism, etc.) Judaism becomes publicized in public (in gatherings, several events, etc.), which is the fulfillment of the mitzva of Kiddush Hashem (=sanctifying G-d’s Name) according to clear and simple halacha, each and every time anew.

    The teachings of the Baal Shem Tov in this regard are known and famous (and when it comes to applying it to oneself – one must arouse himself that “you indeed were in mind!)

    Regarding the problems and difficulties you wrote about – they exist by all the shluchim to a greater or lesser degree, and you should learn from them how to handle them and do the same.

    Millions Worth Of Torah And Mitzvos

    In a special letter from Rosh Chodesh Av, the Rebbe wrote to the shliach in Glasgow, Scotland Rabbi Chaim Yehuda halevi Jacobs (Igros, Vol. 44, #11805):

    First you wrote that, baruch Hashem, all youactivities are proceeding successfuly and you see Hashem’s salvation at every moment. Then, in a second letter, written just seventeen days afterward, you write the exact opposite!

    In answer to that communication (at least, in short): When you first arrived in Glasgow, you started from alef-beis (=from scratch). Your situation now is far better; Hashem has blessed you with sons and daughters, may they live long and be well, who follow the path of Torah and mitzvos and are a source of much true nachas ruach. You have your own home; you’ve established several institutions, etc., leading to a situation in which others have formed a Kollel in your city. You have disseminated many millions of inyanim of Torah and mitzvos; your name is recognized far and wide, and you are respected by your city government, even non-Jews, etc.

    After all this, you ask why others may be jealous (bli ayin hara) and you complain that your mazal “isn’t good”?!

    As far as your financial condition is concerned: This is not the first time you’ve been in such circumstances, and ultimately, everything worked out. So will everything work out this time too, provided you consult with the main office in London as I have written many times, and that you exert the efforts that are necessary within the framework of nature, but most importantly, with bitachon in Hashem.

    Your idea of, Rachmana litzlan, leaving Glasgow and begining anew from alef-beis, from scratch, in another location is truly “’strange”; does it really require an answer?

    Of course, one must daven to Hashem to fulfill all of one’s needs, from His full hand, etc., and pray over and over again. At the same time, one must preface this with thanks for His many mercies, one result of which is true joy, also that of the animal soul.

    A gemach (=free loan) in the sum of one thousand English pounds will be provided to cover your debts (to be repaid within no longer than three years). I will mention it at the tziyun, and I await to hear good tidings.

    The Merit Of Shlichus Will Aid In Healing

    To the shluchim in Tzfas, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok and Sima Bracha Zalmanov, who, after medical difficulties their daughter developed after birth, asked if it is worthwhile to move their residence from Tzfas to another place where they can receive better medical treatment, the Rebbe responded:

    Great is the merit of their shlichus, especially to the Holy Land and specifically to Tzfas the Holy City for helping you report good tidings for all the above. I will mention you at the Tziyun.


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