Help Chabad of West Bloomfield Defend Itself




    Help Chabad of West Bloomfield Defend Itself

    A fundraising drive has begun to help Rabbi Elimelech Silberberg and Bais Chabad of West Bloomfield to defend themselves against a vicious legal battle being brought against them by Rabbi Berel Shemtov, in an attempt to take away his Shul • Read More, Donate

    As you may be aware, for the past few years Rabbi Berel Shemtov of Michigan has been waging a vicious legal battle against Rabbi Elimelech Silberberg and his community, in an attempt to take away his Shul. After losing in court and in the Michigan Supreme Court, he has now appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court.

    The toll this has taken on Rabbi Silberberg personally and on the community is very painful to see.

    A fundraising campaign has been set up to assist with legal fees and most importantly, as a way for all of us to show support.

    Please donate to this cause and show your support–no matter the sum. (You can donate anonymously if you wish.) Maybe also leave a supportive comment, so the community sees that the grassroots is behind them.

    To donate, go to


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    1. Anonymous

      Shluchim worldwide, wake up… if Shemtov c”v prevails, there will be legal precedent for any so called head shliach to swoop in and take away any shliach’s chabad house, school or home. Morover, the so called Chabad headquarters will come and take everything away when they feel like it. Don’t stand by, take action, you may be next.

    2. Anonymous

      Though I respect the shemtovs for many of their good works, I find this court action despicable. Worse yet, it is directed against a model Chabad community. Wishing you a speedy victory.

    3. Anonymous

      Bais Chabad is a model of what every chabad house should aspire to be. Wishing Hatzlacha and menuchas hanefesh to Rabbi and Rebbetzin Silberberg

    4. Anonymous

      I am horrified at the extent of how low people can go. It is sad to see how much money is divertid and in turnn has to be diverted in defense when it is so desperately needed by our Mosdos.

    5. Anonymous

      The silberbergs are incredible people, who have done so much good & kindness for so many people. It’s honestly impossible to put in to words all of my feelings on this issue in such a short space. All I can say is: We stand behind you, and hope the pain & suffering being brought on you will end very soon! May Hashem bentch you with only happiness & nachas.

    6. question

      Why should I give my hard-earned money, that could very easily go to help feeding needy Crown Heights families and individuals, that DO NOT have nor get huge chunks of money from Merkos and Rohr, etc., – WHY??!??! do I need to underwrite the legal costs of a stupid turf war?

      Especially since Silverberg would not himself – support anything to do with moshiach and moshiachistim?

    7. To comment # 6

      1st of all ur right, it’s better 2 give ur hard earned $$ 2 the needy & less fortunate. In the statement u made that shluchim get $$$ from Merkos, there is a correction on that, only when they 1st start out, going 2 a place who knows where, maybe somewhere in middle of Iowa, Merkos starts them out, but they don’t support them. They have 2 go & find their own wealthy donors, 2 support them & their family as well as the chabad house & their Mosdos. So yes, I totally agree with u that it’s way better 2 help feed clothe etc needy & less fortunate families, than dealing with this silly nonsense of control by a head shliach, who happens 2 b a Talmidim Chacham, & knows that he should go 2 a din torah, no excuse not 2. It would be Gr8 if ppl would continue 2 comment & share insights & ways of looking @ this issue. Thank u chabadinfo 4 sharing what’s goin on in Lubavitch locally in the United States.

    8. commenter

      I offered to make a $180.00 donation on his site earlier today with the following message, (down below) and they refused to place the message with the explanation… They don’t want to be controversial…. could you imagine???? He just wants your money and your support and claims he has everyone’s benefit in mind while he ONLY cares for HIMSELF. Go Figure. I spoke with Avraham Wineberg today, who said someone else told him the above….

      As pointed out already ( so I will not repeat) by others this family is a nasty evil group of people. Berel Shemtovs Brother in Law — Abraham Korf in Florida acts in the exact similar way. Totally ignored a clear and unambiguous ruling of a Bais Din, and went even further to intentionally spite the ruling by going intentionally against it. All this not long after getting a $100,000.00 donation from a person related to the Bais Din proceedings.
      Korf most likely like ShemTov have destroyed the name of Chabad Lubavitch but don’t care a bit.

      Unfortunately I know from experience your righteous cause will not be enough to draw support from ANYONE (of the Shluchim) in the establishment. They are VERY weak and will take no position that will or can jeopardize their standing with the powers like Moshe Kotlarsky ( a very large part of the blame in my opinion) etc. at the top, who in many direct and indirect ways lends support to these Chossid appearing, back stabbing immoral unethical and in truth sub human beings.

      Know you have G-d on your side and that counts for more than anything else. There is so much death, terminal illness, off the derech, and too much to enumerate problems within the shluchim. You would think someONE would connect two and two as the Rebbe quoted so many times the Rambam and others on this issue, but alas we are in very dark times.

      May you see success and may we all see the light of Moshiach speedily.

    9. to # 7

      With all due respect; I know as a matter of fact that they pump millions of dollars into the whims of certain “key” and powerful “shluchim” (I emphasize quotations because these individuals were not “sent” by anyone…) to ensure and guarantee that they occupy whatever space they have, in order to undermine and thwart the holy efforts of whoever they decide is posing an alternative to their foolishness.

      This is done not just for one year, not for two years – but for however many years are dictated by these warriors of klipa.

      Put simply – their entire “avodas hashlichus” is to wage war against certain people who they deem as entities with no right to exist – CHAS V”SHOLOM, RACHMONA L’ITZLAN!

      When one is being threatened by a snake, you chop off it’s head – not just little pieces from the tail! This “snake” called Merkos/Lubavitch, Inc. is being utilized for purposes completely outside of what is was founded upon in 1940.

      Maybe, then – things like this would not even be an issue in the first place.

    10. Anonymous

      יתמו חטאים מן הארץ

    11. Shluchim

      Sorry to say

      WAKE UP!!!!!!! Yep you are next, not today ,not tomorrow but some day!
      Every Shliach should stand up and defend this cause!
      You think you are special and its not going to happen to me !
      These animals have to be stopped !
      The Shluchim are doing amazing work but if someones whole success is on the bases of trampling on someone else (especially someone sent by the Rebbe then the whole shlichus and all the Shluchim are to blame!
      You go out you try to help every single Jew at the determent to your own family CV”Shalom,
      What about your brothers the shluchim being hounded every day by the people that placed themselves on top !
      Enough is Enough if you don’t come out in support you are just as guilty as them !
      Imagine if it were another group doing this to a fellow Chosid ,We would be screaming and Shouting !
      Wake UP! Chevra Wake UP!

    12. Anonymous

      אני לא מבין מה נזעקו עכשיו כולם על ההליכה של בערל שם טוב לערכאות הוא למד את זה מהממונים עליו יודל קרינסקי ואברהמל שם טוב, שמאז ג’ תמוז החליטו להשתלט על מוסדותיו של הרבי, ולכן יצאו במלחמה גלויה על הוראות מפורשות של הרבי על מעמד רבני חב”ד וסמכותם בניהול קהלות ומוסדות ליובאוויטש ברחבי תבל..
      וכעת הם גם הולכים לערכאות בבקשה לסגירת ופינוי בית הכנסת ליובאוויטש שבליובאוויטש – 770. וכמו כן הם לוחמים בבית משפט על סגירת המוסד הקדוש ועד להפצת שיחות. וכבר בזבזו על מלחמה זו קרוב לעשרים מליון דולר!!!! בכסף זה היה אפשר לעזור לבתי חב”ד ברחבי תבל שזועקים לעזרה, ולמוסדות חינוך שחונקים את ההורים בשכר לימוד מופקע!!! ואין פוצה פה ומצפצף, כולל הרבנים שעומדים בראשם.
      ולפלא שהשלוחים שרואים את השחיתות הנמבזה, עומדים מן הצד, ונותנים לממסד העומד בראשם להשתמש בשמם לכל מעשיהם הנילוזים.
      ולכן אנני מבין למה מצפים שאנ”ש יתערבו במלחמה במישיגן, לצערנו במצב של היום כל אחד דואג לעצמו, כי יודע שבעת צרה אף אחד לא יעמוד לצדו ויפחד מהממסד המושחת שהשתלט בכוחנית.
      האם מישהו שם לב שבגלל כל ההשחתה שבממסד כיום, הרצון ליציאה לשליחות אצל האברכים הצעירים והבחורים המבוגרים הפך למשנית!

    13. the Rebbe MH"M comes first....

      Sure, I will yell, scream, etc. etc. for this egregious injustice against Silverberg, when Silverberg himself will yell, scream and publicize that, as a recognized “SHALIACH”, he completely and wholeheartedly believes and proclaims YECHI ADONEINU MOREINU V’RABEINU MELECH HAMOSHIACH LEOLAM VOED!

      When HE will yell and scream about the injustice and the disrespect that is shown to the Rebbe M”HM by all these “beloved shluchim”, then I will think about standing up for him.


    14. Crown Heights Resident

      It’s sad to see how Shemtov is using Tzedokah money to go against what the Rebbe Shlita said.

      Imagine how many poor jewish families could be helped with this Tzedokah Money

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