5) No One Has A Copyright On Spreading Judaism!




    Shifra Vepua

    5) No One Has A Copyright On Spreading Judaism!

    Shlichus According To The Rebbe #5: We present the fifth installment of directives of the Rebbe to Shluchim, focusing on directives that the Shluchim seem to be unaware of ● Today, the Rebbe speaking in pain about those who only do something for their own honor, but not for the sake of Judaism, concluding that no one has a copyright on spreading Judaism! ● Read More

    A synopsis of the Rebbe’s words on Shabbos Parshas Toldos 5741, where the Rebbe decries the fact that people who were appointed to do something, have done nothing, and the Rebbe asks that everyone should fulfill the request, for “no one has a copyright on spreading Judaism”:

    Tishrei we directed that the booklets containing the twelve verses should be reprinted on special paper, with space for the children to inscribe the names of those whom they have succeeded in recruiting for Tzivos Hashem to learn the twelve verses. We did not then appoint anyone to head this project and, apparently because of that, nobody has done anything about it! Five weeks have passed, and not one booklet has been published. Who suffers? — the children! For five weeks children have had no booklets as an incentive to find other children to recruit into Tzivos Hashem.

    When I asked what a particular communal worker was doing about it, I was answered that he had been too busy with other projects and had no time. Of course. First he must eat and drink, then get plenty of sleep so he is well rested. Then, because he is after all a communal worker, he must work on his own projects, so that the honor he receives from others will be well earned! Simultaneously he must make certain that no one else does the work he is meant to do, to ensure that he, and he alone, receives all the plaudits.

    After all this, if there is time, he then puts himself out — to find someone else to do all the necessary work in printing the booklet! But should something inconvenient occur, such as it starts to rain, then he beats a quick retreat to his house to rest up!

    When it is a matter of printing his own things, something that he receives honor from, then you can be sure that he will leave no stone unturned to see it through. The proper paper is found, money is found, everything becomes available; it is even published in the newspapers replete with his picture. But when it comes to printing the booklet containing the twelve verses in a five week period of time — he has no time! Why should the children suffer because one seeks honor and therefore has no time for them?

    As in all other matters, I am held responsible. Why did I not appoint one individual to be in charge, instead of leaving it up to everyone? Know, however, that a person’s livelihood and all other necessities, and one’s World to Come, are dependent on this thing. And it is not my business to apportion shares in the World to Come. Therefore I did not appoint any particular individual, for it is everyone’s business. And yet five and a half weeks have passed by, and nothing has been done.

    Children have been stopped for that amount of time from learning the twelve verses. This is not my personal matter. The twelve verses are from G-d, and He wants children to learn them!

    The worst thing of all is that no one has protested about this situation. Should someone stick a needle into a person’s little toe, you can be sure that he would raise a howl of protest. Yet about the twelve verses no one has even protested, showing that it matters less to them than even a pinprick….

    Yet five weeks have gone by, nothing has been done, and children have not learned the verses. Time for everything else can be found, except for this. There are no valid excuses as to quibbling over who should head the effort, and who should be the main worker. Let everyone do it! If this will cause contusion, then let there be confusion; as long as the children get the booklets! It would be better to have too many booklets, then none at all.

    I asked that special paper be used in the booklets. So of course, once again, it is my fault, for now there is the problem of acquiring special paper. For five whole weeks, special paper could not be found in New York!? As before, rest assured that had it affected people’s personal honor, they would have quickly found the right paper. If the children would have been older, they would have stormed the offices, taken away the printing presses, and printed the booklets themselves.

    I could have chosen an individual, grabbed him by the fore-lock or the beard, and commanded him to be the one in charge of the entire operation. But then everyone else would have been frightened off, thinking that only that individual is allowed to be involved in printing the booklets and no others.

    Know then, that no one has a copyright on spreading Judaism, Torah and Mitzvos; and no single individual has inherited the right of specifically being the head of the organization, with only himself being involved. No one has been appointed the head of world Jewry! These are matters which involve each and every Jew. Everyone who so wishes, wherever he may be, can spread Judaism.”

    Source: Sichos In English


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    5) No One Has A Copyright On Spreading Judaism!