The Beth Rivkah Event Was Indeed Mixed


    The Beth Rivkah Event Was Indeed Mixed

    Despite a promise by a member of the Beth Rivkah administration that the “DansDeals Seminar” will have only separate seating, the reality was different, and indeed, the event had “mixed seating” as seen visibly in the pictures ● Read More

    The editor of, one of the most popular “deal” blogs in the blogosphere, has been offering “DansDeals Seminars” in various places around America, with all the proceeds going to support local schools in those cities.

    On Wednesday, November 19th, at 8:00pm, the 13th “DansDeals Seminar” took place in the Beis Rivkah Campus on Crown Street, with all the proceeds benefiting the Beth Rivkah school.

    Pictures from the event clearly show that the middle rows were the “mixed seating” area, in direct contradiction to Halacha and Chassidishkeit, despite a clear promise from a member of the Beth Rivkah administration that the event will not be mixed.

    The Rebbe’s opinion against mixed seating at any event, even a Torah class, is well known and documented, and the Rebbe only permitted it in Communist Russia, as seen in the following letter from the Rebbe written in the late 1970’s:

    “In view of the extraordinary circumstances and difficulties in that country, I would be inclined to take a more lenient view to admit women into the men’s classes… I must emphasize again that the heter mentioned above in regard to coed study is based on the special extenuating circumstances prevailing in that particular country, there being no other way to save them from assimilation and intermarriage. It should in no way serve as a precedent for other cases where those circumstances do not prevail, not continued even in that same case when the situation improves sufficiently not to have recourse to that heter.”



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    1. Ma Rabbi

      Maybe people came from outside the community not knowing the rules?

    2. Shimmy

      this is unnecessary. Why post this and create controversy.

    3. bourchn

      Post a response by a member of the Beth Rivkah administration. From
      Boruch Hoffinger

    4. Binyamin

      Ma Rabbi made a good point maybe they didn’t know the rules? Also Shimmy it does matter Halacha dictates how we live our life.

    5. Southern California

      Dear Friends at,

      Do you think that if the Rebbe Ma”ham was the editor of he would publish this unfortunate incident???? should not allow itself to be dragged down to places in which the Rebbe Ma’ham wouldn’t feel comfortable. Surely, you have the best intentions in mind, but as chasidim of the Rebbe, we should be honest with ourselves and ask “foon vahnent shtamt dos, foon kedusha uder CH'”V….???”

      Yasher Koach in advnace for ensuring that the Rebbe Ma’ham would be proud to browse this site.

      Yechi Hamlech and Good Shabbos.

      With lots of love,

      Your Southern California Readers

    6. Mendel

      This is indeed unfortunate but From what i heard the staff did put in effort to stop mixed seating, they made Dan stop selling mixed seats, and put up signs for only Men and Women but no mixed. but many who came from out of town (modern orthodox etc) who had already bought their “mixed” tickets decided that they would sit together. One of the teachers went inside and did her best to separate them, but they were adamant, showing their tickets and many stayed together.

    7. chayim

      typical. creating more problems instaed of creating unity. typical. we are better and you are bad because we make the rules and you don’t follow them. hopefully no one from this organization will go to South Dakota, because it will become another place jews are seen as trouble makers and not even able to get along with each other

    8. Mendy

      It’s good to know

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