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    Ten Yad Auction Winners

    Ten Yad Hachnosas Kallah held their annual ‘Ten Yad Auction’ yesterday evening, and earlier today they drew the winners. ChabadInfo presents you the full list of winners • Full List

    Jackpot – Tzipora Orlowick, Brachi Clapman
    Dollar-a-Day – Mendy Friedman


    Spectacular Jewelry $100 – Aryeh Karp


    Magnificent Furniture – Groner
    First Class Travel – M. S.
    Sterling Silver – Mindy Treff
    Magnificent Bone China – Trust Charity
    Car or Minivan Lease – Alyson Feldman


    Shevy – Daniel Cotler
    Israel Holiday – Miriam Feiner
    Jewelry & Watches – Alyson Feldman


    Menorah or Candelabra – Lia Levertov
    Amex Gift Card – Esty Rosenfeld
    Florida Vacation – Albert Benarrosh
    Luxurious Linens – Rochel Gutleizer
    Kosher Mountain Retreats – Beth Breier
    Barbera Custom Wig – Esty Sheinberger
    Cartier Timepiece – Eliezer Chitrik
    B&H Electronics SuperStore – Dr. Meilach Sufrin
    Fabulous Furnishings – M. B.
    European Vacation – Tamar
    Tzfasman Jewelers – Gestetner Girls
    Everything But the Baby – Moshe Gottleib
    Apple iMac – Levi Goldstein
    The Koren Talmud Bavli or Schottenstein Shas – Nechama Harlig
    Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro – Levi Shaw
    Spectacular Table Settings – Malky Tenenbaum
    Five Getaway Tickets to California! – Sara Sheer


    Exceptional Kosher Wines – Mendel Bryski
    Your Choice of Kirsh Jewels – Langsam
    Megillah and Genuine Leather Embroidered Case $25 – Kaylie Barber
    $1,500 Gift Certificate at Costco – Jennie Jacobson
    Two World Class Mattress Sets – Karine Grunfeld
    Incredible $1,500 Baby Package – Kraindy Feigenson
    Fabulous Teen Package – Minceberg
    Spectacular Tumi Luggage Ensemble – Ayalla Shash
    Choice of Mink Jewelry – Chana Baila Shwartz
    Choice of Leather, Upholstered, or Sleeper Sofa – G Dembetzer
    $2,000 Visa Gift Card – Levi Shaw
    $1,500 Toward the Washer/Dryer of Your Choice – Preizler
    $1,600 at Saks Fifth Avenue or Bloomingdale’s – Steve Weinreb
    $1,600 Gift Certificate to Molly’s Jewelry – Ari Saltz


    $1,000 Gift Certificate to Elegant Linen – Sholom Gopin
    Choice of Silver Becher & Tray, or Kvort – Daniel Hayman
    $1,200 Gas Card – Doniel Kramer
    Apple iPad Air – Mussy Nussbaum
    Twelve Fabulous Folding Chairs – Ziesy Newman
    $1,200 Gift Certificate to Pomegranate – Vicky Edelstein
    $1,000 at S&W, Brenda’s or Miri Couture – Channi Bertram
    Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ or any smartphone – Jackpot 1
    Flatware for 24 – Ayelet Rimler
    $1,000 Gift Certificate to Macy’s – A. Metal
    $1,000 Gift Certificate to Lord & Taylor – Malky Kosofsky
    $1,000 at Home Goods or Bed, Bath & Beyond – Esther J.
    $1,000 Gift Certificate to Target – Nochum Katz
    Bugaboo Bee3 or Babyzen YOYO 6+ – Pnina Steinberg
    $1,000 at Kehot or Sosover Seforim Store – Shayna Grosh
    $1,000 at the Apple Store or Amazon.com – Sema Shaffer
    $1,200 at The Buzz Electronics Superstore – Altein
    $1,000 at Century 21 or Children’s Place – Tammy Dzin
    Yalkut Me’am Lo’ez or Rambam’s Mishneh Torah – Alessa Wircberg
    $1,200 at the Boro Park (KRM) Kollel Store – Baila Epstein
    $1,000 at IKEA, Home Depot, or Lowe’s – Z. Turk
    Miele S8990 UniQ Vacuum Cleaner – Avi and Rachel Giladi
    Canon EOS 70D – DL Karasik
    $1,000 at Eichlers of Boro Park or Flatbush – Esty Tsap


    Marvelous Magnatiles – Choni Shagalov
    The Playmobil Extravaganza – Yisroel Bronstien
    $400 at Coach, Michael Kors, Fossil or Bersel – Leah Younger
    Any iPod on the Market – S. Prus
    Magic Mill or Bosch Universal Mixer – Gitty Bronstein
    Bitty Twins or Bitty Babies Dolls by American Girl – Hindy Harrison
    Elegant Kapota or Ermenegildo Zegna Suit – Zalman
    Mitzvah Kinder Toy Collection – Zalmen Lipskier
    $400 at The Peppermill or Green’s Bath & Home – Mushka R.
    $400 Gift Certificate to Toys ‘R’ Us – Eida Pinson
    Choice of Igros Kodesh or Likkutei Sichos – Dina Kanelsky
    $400 at Bencraft Hatters and Emporio – Devo KG
    Tallis and Tefillin Bag or Pesach Set – Dina Gorodetsky
    $400 Gift Certificate to “Toys 4 U” – Tova Weingarten
    World-Renowned Gutnick Collection – Jackpot Winner #2
    Two Toasty Twin Down Quilts and Pillows – Esther Feldman
    PowerShot Canon SX610 – Garelik
    Board Games – Mushky Srugo
    $500 Gift Certificate to Empire Kosher – Shayna Bortunk
    Fabulous Legos – Esther Kowalsky
    $350 Gift Certificate to Primo Hatters – Esty Raskin
    $500 Gift Certificate to Hamafitz Judaica – B.K.
    $400 in Lottery Tickets $10 – Debora Bindler
    Beautiful Linens for Any Bedroom – Chana Teldon
    The “Big” and “Little” Midrash Says – Chana Kaplan
    $770 for Bicycles and Exercise Equipment – Rivkah Bar-Chaim
    Miele S2121 Olympus Vacuum – Sara Wise
    $800 Cash – Kesselman
    $400 Gift Certificate to American Girl Place – Rachel Greenberger
    Razor E300S Electric Scooter with Seat – Chayka Wilschanski
    $400 at to the Gap, Gap Kids, Baby Gap – Elisheva Smith



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      When am I going to win?

    2. winner wanna be

      Can you list the city that the winner is from too please?

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