OYYL Now Accepting New Students




    Chalukas Shas 5784

    OYYL Now Accepting New Students

    After completing its 6th successful year OYYL of Crown Heights is opening its doors to enroll new students in newly established classes. Academic and Social Skill based curriculum has captured the hearts of OYYL families providing great success rate among our students • Full Story, Photos

    Throughout the history of Jewish people, the education of our children has always been the cornerstone of our faith and way of life, no matter where we found ourselves or how difficult the circumstances. Though the objective remains the same, and the Torah that guides us is eternal, the world we live in is very different than that of our parents and grandparents. How do we apply the wisdom of the Torah to raise our children in the 21st Century, with its unique challenges?

    Fortunately, we have the Rebbe’s vision, and we are privileged and humbled that our unique school, Oholei Yosef Yitzchok Lubavitch of Crown Heights, is at the forefront of finding creative ways to apply the Torah and Chassidic way of education to the modern world. What motivates is the belief that with the right approach, hard work, dedication, and passion for our ideals, we can continue to build a better school for our boys and girls.

    The Rebbe compares the development of a child to the planting of a new seed. Everything in the environment, everything that it puts into the growth of the seed, will be amplified in the tree that emerges. Extreme care must be taken to ensure that the seed is not damaged even in the slightest.

    This is true not only of the content of the education, that it should be pure and holy, but also in the style of the education. It may surprise you to know that even though many of the principles upon which our school is built seem very progressive, they are in fact traditional Torah models for education.

    Unfortunately, being enmeshed with the secular cultures in which we live has influenced educational systems and teaching styles in yeshivas. We see more and more often that non-Jewish theologies and approaches being used in Traditional Chassidic schools. In OYYL, however, we are not seeking an avant-garde, new age approach; we are finding creative ways to make classic Torah education models relevant and effective using the tools and knowledge available today.

    Take frontal teaching as an example. Frontal teaching, where the teacher stands at the front of a class and lectures to all children equally, is a way of standardizing and mass-producing education to meet the needs of industrialized and knowledge-bases economies. At OYYL, we went back to the original model of focusing on the holistic needs of each individual child, rather than just the need to cover certain material and bring children to a certain level only.

    The results speak for themselves. Not only are students in both our boys and girls programs consistently exceeding their academic milestones, but they are developing into happy, healthy, Chassidishe children with a love and passion for Judaism and learning, a strong bond to the Rebbe, and a connection to one another in the true spirit of Ahavas Yisroel. Our success is raising the bar for education in our community, encouraging other schools to emulate our approach and contributing to the overall health of our community.

    There are many unique things to admire about OYYL, including the positive atmosphere, the remarkable level of individual attention, the academic excellence, and the devotion to Yiddishkeit and Chassidishkeit it inspires in my son. One of the things that impresses me most, which really distinguishes this school, is the clear direction and mission that the entire staff buys into, and an unprecedented level of professionalism across the board.

    — Mordechai Sogomonian, OYYL Parent

    The individual attention each of our children receive at OYYL is outstanding. The teachers’ dedication and commitment to each child’s Chassidishe and overall growth is immeasurable. The level of communication between teachers and parents through email, phone, texts and the school’s Facebook group in unparalleled and invaluable in making sure parents and school are working together.

    — Yonason and Chaya Kahanovitch, OYYL Parents

    Every teacher at OYYL works individually with each child on a daily basis! They professionally educate, guide, and practice skills that their students need to acquire. It is possible because the staff at OYYL believes in quality above quantity, and the school maintains a low teacher to student ratio. Simply amazing!

    — Meital Khavis, MS Early Childhood and SpEd

    OYYL mission

    To provide an authentic Lubavitch Education for boys and girls within a school environment that fully embodies the values and principles of Chabad Chassidus.

    To help Children develop a profound and personal Rebbe-Chosid relationship.

    To raise students that have the spiritual, academic, and social tools to experience a deep-seated spiritual awareness, to be in touch with their inner selves, develop healthy relationships, and are motivated to fulfill the purpose of Hashem’s creation.

    To cultivate a School environment where every student is perceived and treated as an individual, nurturing his/her unique talents and persona to achieve his/her potential the service of Hashem.

    To bring the best educational methods to our children.

    To educate students on their individual level so they can each grow at their own pace and mature into healthy, happy, committed Chassidim.

    To serve as a model for ideal Jewish education and Inspirational School Community.

    To learn more and/or to apply visit PureChassidicEducation.org

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